Worried about CFL (empty seats at Stamps/Argos game)

New to the forum long time CFL/Argos fan. Watching the stamps and Argos game and there are tons of empty seats. So my point/question/conversation stimulant is: how are we ever going to increase the fan base in the struggling markets when the most open province with a great team can’t even sell out after missing football for over a year. Super concerning and the TSN broadcast seems not up to the same standards as years past


It didn't look that bad. If they got 75% capacity, then it is all good despite under a pandemic


Welcome to the forum. Big win last night.

23,391 at the game. Pretty good for a CFL game, you count the fans not the empty seats

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30 k in Edmonton .

Actually it's business as usual .

It's BC and the east is where we will see the real test .

East is hampered by lagging behind with lifting restrictions and knowing what rules will be in place for the fans .


I saw many empty seats in Edmonton. Could it be people protesting the new name? Some posters here since the name change speculated many long time fans may be put off and may not return.

The attendance for their season opener in 2019 was 25 263
The attendance for their season opener in 2021 was 30 302

You think there is an issue?


Seeing and compared to the crowds in Winnipeg and Regina after a year of no CFL and the CFL's return, yes. The West teams have lately been the most avid CFL fans- Edmonton being one of the most supported. Still a good crowd though. Just thought it would be more packed after no CFL for a year at the opener.

I'm pretty sure Edmonton management was thrilled with the extra 500k for game day (ticket and concessions).

Winnipeg was unveiling their GC and Saskatchewan is its own thing.
This is all good so far as far as I can see.


You don't have to take my word for it. But I heard straight from the mouth of a high level executive that CSEC has placed a cap on attendance well below capacity for the time being. A move I would say is fairly reasonable.

Capacity at Winnipeg and Regina is approx 33k-35k. Capacity in Edmonton is 50k ish. That's why there are empty seats.

I think my point is one would figure since football has been away for so long and Alberta has the least PH restrictions the fans would be back and they’d have opening night sell outs. So let’s see what attendance is going to be like throughout the league. Could be some COVID hesitancy.

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Looks like people distancing themselves between their neighbors seat.
When you see the game in Ottawa you will see empty seats because people crowd on to the concourse between the upper and lower decks, they are lined up like 3 deep the length of the field and end zone. Most never go their seats.
Same in Hamilton

Edmonton is very much the same, ever since the Renos a few years back there are many top notch lounges etc inside the stadium.It's rarely empty on the concourse even during play, plus the side of the field mostly shown on the hard camera is usually the sunny side of the stands. Beneath the hard camera is usually packed

The problem in Calgary is pretty simple to figure out! They have that Rocky Mountain curse. Camping takes priority over football or sports in general. This is not new the other problem is the economy here is terrible many with out jobs. I went and have been going for many years there was less this year for sure but again those two factors are the problem not the game.

Plus Bo Levi Mitchell, lost 3 games in a row

Yes he did and he did state that he is fine physically and the team played the game and gave it away. It happens and by the way teams lose and win games. But that is okay I am happy with what I saw because it is a young team. And Calgary and Ottawa got gutted with players and both teams showed promise.

Last year everyone mocked Wpg for losing to the Argo's, karma?

Well this is a different Argo team I believe the bombers play them next do they not. If they lose you might want to hide this comment. Also take note half the Argo team is Stampeder players.

True - Argo's are different,
Untrue - I won't hide my statement
True - Wpg plays Argo's next 2 games

If Argo's have half of the Stamp's team which is an improvement, wouldn't that mean the Stamp's are a lesser team going forward