World's GREATEST sporting event I love this day

Yes I said it..

It's the best bowl game in the world better than anything any other country has put out yet.
My TV has been tuned in all day waiting for the big matchup

I know what some of you are thinking...about ready to chime in with your grey cup rants and all but still it doesn't hold a candle to the greatest yearly matchup down here in the USA

That's right I'm talking about..

The Puppy Bowl.

And this year with the special guest referee how could you go wrong..


A bit of a biased post by somebody called Dawg - don't you think? :wink:

No…not biased at all

I didn't catch the game, but the Philadelphia Beagles won, right?

Excuse me?? Beagles?? was the kitty half-time show?

The game was a shootout that was for sure, each team unable to stop the pass, or giving a huge cushion hoping not to be beaten. The HT show was pathetic, JT lip syncing his butt off.

I will take the GC over the SB, SB is all hype but this was a good game and the patriots lost which is fantastic.

Stop trolling the Puppy Bowl thread with Superbowl and Grey Cup talk!

Just let the Beagles enjoy their Lombarky trophy win.

I'm trolling? Uh, ok, sure.

...your post was about the Super Bowl no?

...this is a thread about the puppy bowl

...maybe not trolling per se, definitely misplaced, how about we go with that...

I guess I should have added some smileys to my post, but I was just joking around. This thread, though, was not about the Superbowl.

Great stuff DAWG 8)

Geez, I never caught on that it wasn't about the super bowl, DUH. Well in my defence I am fighting an ear infection...obviously it has seeped into my brain! :o

I have never heard about the puppy bowl before.

Neither did I tabby, I had to Google it in all honesty.

You gotta watch the puppy bowl with the youngins ...
But always ends with "we want a new puppy"