Worlds are colliding

I saw a report from Glen Suitor the other day…and he has no mustache!!! I didn’t know that thing could come off. Glen’s 'stache is a much part of the CFL legacy as the Grey Cup itself. What’s next…CFL officials calling a mistake free game?

Don Matthews giving thoughtful interviews?

Darren Flutie referring to players by their last names, instead of always by their first name as if every player in the league is a personal friend of his?

Chris Walby speaking grammatically-correct English?

This is “funny post of the month”…great analysis… :lol:

How about Sean Millington telling a story that actually makes sense. Or Brian Williams not having a pen in his hand.

Or Marty York naming one of his “sources”?

Oh man I wish I had thought of the Marty York one…

how about John Wells , sounding ,like he is MORE than ‘ROBO -MAN’ and at least try to put some’ enthusiasm’ into the game he is broadcasting… :arrow: [/img]

Without offending anyone I would like to see Don Mathews go for an entire 60 minute televised game without sticking his finger or thumb in his nose.

Sask Argo wearing a riders jersey!

Chris Walby speaking grammatically-correct English?
How about Chris Walby talking about the other team the Bombers are playing.

I never intended this to be a “point out the CFL flaws”, but it has turned out to be pretty funny. It’s good to laugh at ourselves sometimes.

Or Walby going an entire game without once uttering the phrase “nice job”, or repeating what the other guy has just said.

Or Suitor not using playbook jargon that no one who’s never played professionally can understand.

Suitor is knowlegdeable but his Madden wanna be voice style irritates me. :x

Or Walby not referring to the “battle of the trenches”

OTTAWA beats Montreal in MONTREAL…OH , wait that did happen. :lol: