World Series/Tiger-Cats

I'm sorry but I have to post this.

For anyone that thinks that the Tiger-Cats can't make it through to the Grey Cup and win it, look at the Cardinals.

The Cardinals were 10.5 games back from a playoff spot, climb back to make and eventually beat each that faced them in the first two rounds of the playoffs. The Cards overcome all odds in the last couple games of the World Series and eventually win it in Game 7!

Let's have faith in our team!

Go Cats Go!

Keep fighting til' the end.

Hi All !

...Even though I had to choose to stop participating in the active discussions due to ever increasing time constraints, I must say that this thread caught my eye and deserved a "bump" to the top. When I read the title I thought maybe our dear owner had decided to trade in the bag of footballs and all the equipment in favour of outfitting the Tiger-Cats with baseball uniforms, spikes and a bag of baseballs so he could enter the Tiger-Cats into the American League East. :wink:

Seriously though, what a wonderful post by the author !! ( hope and faith is a wonderful thing as the St. Louis Cardinals fans and players can attest to ) :thup:

I hope my next post is a congratulatory one on Grey Cup Sunday as the Ticats sip champagne (or beer) from the silver hardware.

I'm enjoying all the discussions and debates when I find a few minutes to read them.

Keep the faith friends ! Go Cats !! 8)

(hope you're all keeping well)

Thanks DH,

The St Louis Cardinals drew some luck from a squirrel running across the home plate in game 4 of the NLDS over the Phillies. Maybe we will have a raccoon or possum run across the field in one of our upcoming games to draw luck/inspiration from!!! :lol: :thup:

Oskie Wa Wa :cowboy: