World Series 2023 Watch Thread

98% of the Baseball I watch is in October. Big rivalry between these clubs - should be a good series.

Top of the second and Texas 1 up…

Now bases loaded for Verlander…shouldn’t have worried, he seems to wiggle out of those a lot. His pitch count may become a problem though.

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I don’t watch any regular season baseball. It was a sport I was all over as a kid and it’s also a statistician’s delight.

I lost interest over the years because it is so broken now, being the only major North American team sport without a salary cap. I grew tired is seeing the same handful of teams, with rare exceptions, being the only ones seriously able to compete for the championship. I especially grew tired of my small market Pirates consistently having one of the best scouting systems in the majors for decades but seeing all of their stars leave as soon as they could and as a result rarely being able to compete. I also hate the Blue Jays.

I’ll be watching the game tonight on and off. Looks pretty good so far.

Brave of you to start this thread. Hopefully there will be a few more that trickle in and offer their comments.

Well - the Sunday night game is not likely to be a thriller, and I know there are a few other baseball fans here so thought it might be worth a try…

All the money the Yankees have couldn’t buy a team this season, same goes for a few others. Even the playoffs have been a surprise so far with Houston being the only division leader left in the playoffs. Winning 100 games wasn’t a good thing this season.

Plus the pace of the game now with the pitch timer is great. Keeps the game moving along…

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I was the same way. WGN aired every Cubs game and I watched about 80% of them.
About five years ago I was given two amazing Cubs tickets and about seven years ago I got into a suite. I also watched the 2016 series with the Cubs (but didn’t see the finish :disappointed:)
Otherwise, I don’t watch any of it. My attention span has worsened, I guess.


The last game I saw live was actually at Wrigley field in 2013. The Cubs were still
crap at the time.

No matter my dislike for what baseball has become I still watched as much of the playoffs and World Series as I could until a few years ago and now don’t watch much.

One thing I have always said however is that the baseball playoffs are more often than not the most exciting playoffs in professional sports. That is because there is no clock
and no team is ever out of it until they are. The 2011 World Series between Texas and St, Louis is the best playoff series I have ever seen in any sport and the rest of the playoffs weren’t too shabby either. I can’t remember how many times St. Louis was behind and down to their last strike of the season yet prevailed. Same with the Red Sox down 3-0 to the Yankees but coming back in that series and eventually winning their first title in about a 1,000 years.

No other sport can generate that drama consistently in my opinion because having a clock doesn’t allow it.

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The first series I watched was 82 Brewers-Cardinals. My dad and I picked the Brewers and my mom and brother picked the Cardinals. That was such a great series and I still remember many players.
I was SO upset the Brewers lost. Seven year olds can be like that.

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I got a few years on you because when I was young all the good pitchers had nicknames like Catfish
and Goose…

I like that the pitcher doesn’t control the tempo of the game any more. The drama and action and all is still there. It just took away the endless throws to first, batters trying to throw the pitcher off taking time outs to adjust their glove half a dozen times and all the other time wasters.

I enjoyed the Phillies Braves and didn’t think it lacked anything at all.

Here’s the part - Halftime in the Football Game, top of the 7th in this game. Back to back playoff games are great now. Unless there’s extra innings, watch one watch the next one…


I"m watching and will likely watch most games.

In this series I’m for the Rangers. If they can pull this one off, on the road against Verlander, they’ll be off to a good start.

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Rollie Fingers was on the Brew Crew that year.


Well - not a bad outing by Verlander. He threw a lot of pitches in the first couple inning but managed to stretch his outing to the 6th.

Lanny might give him a run.

That was around the time when Pirate Dock
Ellis pitched a no hitter while on LSD.

I fell in love with the Pirates as a kid because of Roberto Clemente. And then a couple of years later he was gone.


He had style…and played in the golden age of the 'stache. Goose had a pretty good one, Eckersley, Phil Garner, Dave Winfield, Boggs, Mattingly, Dan Quisinberry (ace closer for KC), andof course Mr. October…

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Funny you mention Dave Winfield. I was staying at a golf resort just outside of Hibbing, Minnesota in October in 2004 and at the time the Red Sox and Yankees series was in progress. I had won the trip in a silent auction that summer and it had to be used that year.

The point is that I will offer a fun fact about Hibbing. Not only is Dave Winfield from this small iron belt town, but so was Roger Maris and Bob Dylan. In addition it is where Greyhound Bus Lines was founded. Must be the iron in the water.

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Well, down to the last half inning - barring the Astros lighting it up suddenly.

I guess you could attribute a lot of hits to 3 of the 4… :grin:

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Well that’s it. Texas wins 2-0. Like most people I would expect I’m happy to see the Astros lose after they cheated their way to their first World Series. The NE Patriots of baseball.

Loved Altuve’s base running mistake for the double play that cost the Asstros the game! :joy:

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Dusty made me laugh with his postgame. They asked about why so few hits. He said that the objective of good pitching. So when a good hitting team isn’t hitting maybe its the oppositions pitching is really good…

Game 2. . . this looks like it’s going to be a real pitcher’s duel. . . Eovaldi v. Valdez

Can not and will not cheer for the cheating Astros
I know it’s not the same team that cheated their way to a world series win years ago
They not only cheated the losing team in that World series
They Cheated the game itself
I just won’t let it go

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I’m for the Rangers mainly because I like Semien and Carter (even though Carter is not in the starting lineup 'cause Astros starting a leftie.

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