World Juniors

Go Canada Go! What a game, 2-1 for da boys!!!

Hamilton, wby can't we gat this torney with a 17,000 plus arena? More Hamilton stupidity. No OHL team, pure stupidity by this city. It never ends. :roll:

I went to three of the games at Copps the last time it was in Hamilton - I think the year Copps opened.

What a game today 8 minutes without a whistle to start the third period. Anybody late getting back to their seat would not get back to them until 8 minutes into the period because the ushers usually don't let you into the section until a whistle.

3-1 Canada maybe. Replay review coming up.

3-1 Canada!!!!! That is a good goal, easy review.

Yup! No way that one was going to be overturned. Gotta love Reinhart!

Hamilton city council, can you imagine your city having this game in Hamilton New Years Eve? Sadly, you probably don’t have a clue. Hey, the arena is here but can you go the next step? I doubt it in all honesty. :thdn:

Yikes, that goal changes things!

Unreal!!! Yes baby!!!!!! Hamilton, when are you able to host this tourney!!!!!!!! Oops, ain't over :o


Ok, I can see some of Hamilton’s city council phoning or texting each other now saying hey, we have the arena, we can do this! And spin, spin, spin around in circles and nothing is finalized. Hey, it’s Hamilton! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Why bring such a game like this to Hamilton on New Years Eve, won’t work. :wink: It’s just hockey and the only hockey we care about is the AHL. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Earl - since it can only be in Canada every other year and 2017 is already announced as being in Toronto and Montreal again (with medal games in Montreal that time) - and undoubtedly it being in Western Canada for the 2019 championships - Hamilton's earliest hope would be 2021.

The ticket sales in Montreal may have been disappointing - with even Canada's games before today 6 - 7 thousand short of a sellout at the Bell Centre - but for game one at least people were watching at home. 2.6 million watched the Boxing Day opener on TSN. That's a HUGE number for an 8-0 round robin opener game against Slovakia.

The IIHF has only itself to blame for poor ticket sales. They have over-priced the tickets ridiculously - I believe $350ish for Reds for a Slovakia-Germany round-robin game or some such foolishness. I can see prices like that for playoff and medal games, but not for qualifiers...

For sure, those prices are ridiculous but some people will and can pay. Maybe not a Hamilton happening with prices like that.

Anyways, cheering on Canada!

Yes the prices were ridiculous for some games - although non-Canada games in Montreal were priced lower than Canada games. Even yesterday’s classic - a game hyped for months between it being a New Year’s Eve tradition and the hype surrounding McDavid versus Eichel and Canada versus the USA - a game that likely had 4 million or more watching on TV - ended up being about 3,000 short of a sellout in Montreal. That’s too bad really especially considering the game really did live up to all the hype. .

There won’t be any empty seats for the Canada games in Toronto. Actually Toronto has drawn very well for the round robin with no Canada games and yet they still averaged over 13,000 a game the last numbers I saw. Yes many of those were the result of package sales - but games i was at there seemed to be well over 13,000 actually in the seats in Toronto.

Some of the non Canada games in Montreal drew fewer than 8,000 fans.

It will be interesting to see what happens two years from now when Toronto gets the Canada round robin games and Montreal gets their medal round games.

Didn't realize Montreal didn't sellout for yesterdays game. :?

18,295 at the game - 21,273 capacity for hockey at the Bell Centre

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If the arena appeared to be full to viewers at home watching on television, consider this: at the start of the game, the 15-year-old son of senior Hockey News columnist Ken Campbell was sitting high up in the nosebleed seats at the Bell Centre.

According to Campbell, Bell Centre officials subsequently approached the boy, along with those sitting around him, and asked if he would like to move down to the lower bowl.

Not sure I would be too thrilled to hear that people in the cheap seats were being asked to move to more expensive lower bowl seats to make it look more full for TV if I had paid the higher lower bowl price.

Why is it that organizations are compelled to gauge Canadians for such events and which also reminds me of the failed Bills series.
Now for the Bills and Rogers connection I really don't care and am glad there was an attempt by old man Rogers to gauge.
Since no one actually bought a regularly priced ticked.
But, my point is are we a sucker nation here for sporting events, save and except the CFL of course?
No other better examples of the Leafs and other Canadian NHL teams.

I wonder if Seymour was cheering for the Americans?

Sometimes "papering the house" is a necessary evil. Strange though, with Montreal being such a hot hockey market (for the Habs only it seems) that all of the Canada games weren't "automatic" sell-outs. :oops:

I would have to guess no, because he is only interested in "the best" players in any sporting endeavour. :stuck_out_tongue:

But the World Juniors aren't "the best" in hockey so only the NHL counts, as some will allude to. So why are many people paying big bucks for the World Juniors when most of those players in this tournament will never set foot on an NHL ice surface for an NHL game? :wink:

Seymour, we are all listening... Now lets talk about the football bowl games south of the border when the same is known, most of the players in these bowls won't ever set foot in the NFL, but many bowl games garner super crowds. Seymour, are you listening???