World Junior Hockey Tournament

The usually exciting World Junior Hockey tournament starts tomorrow and is being played in Edmonton. Canada will showcase it’s young talent against the rest of the world in an annual event that brings disappointment if Canada doesn’t win gold.

The tournament is usually played from late December until early January and in fact started last December but was quickly shut down due to Covid.

Canada plays it’s lone exhibition game against Sweden tonight. There are nine players from December’s roster that are no longer on the team for various reasons.

I had forgotten that this was coming up and it is certainly odd to have a major hockey event take place in August, although the pandemic may have somewhat conditioned us to this type of oddity.

I’m not sure how much I will watch or what the interest level will be for this topic, but have at ‘er and go Canada!


Below is an article that sums up Canada’s team and the tournament to a certain extent.

(‘Easy decision' for 'super passionate' McTavish to return to World Juniors Mark Masters: Mason McTavish World Junior Hockey Championship -

Yeah this crept up on me too. From what I hear ticket sales are underwhelming.

Granted Hockey Canada as a brand is at its lowest point right now

I'll tune in the odd match but can't get as into it since the next tournament is 4 1/2 months away

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How soon can people boycott putting money into that organization until they clean house of all the idiot board who presided over the abuse issues and restore the public’s faith in them

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PVR set.....(Gotta pay attention to someone else tomorrow, after all she hung around 35 years....)

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Well at least the chair of the board resigned.

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Good to see.
That’s one. More need to follow especially that one guy you got on his high horse and proclaimed he was the guy to fix these problems even though he was there when this idiocy was going on in the first place

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The timing of this could not be worse!
Hockey Canada is a tire fire right now, It is freaking August!
These kids undeservedly are now going to be dragged into the cluster F that Hockey Canada has tossed them into!
These kids had zero to do with it, but will be guilty on the world stage by association.
I will follow it as I want to watch the next generational player in Bedard!
Hockey Canada is now an embarassment instead of our source of PRIDE!


All true. I am hoping that the on ice product will show it’s usual excellence though. This tourny snuck up on me and it appears others as well, but it often represents the best hockey of the year, together with an all participation Olympics. Let’s hope that’s the case. I expect I’ll get into it when I start watching, at least the Canadian games.

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Hockey Canada has quickly named an interim Chair to replace their recently resigned Chair. No surprise to me that it is a woman.

(Hockey Canada appoints Skinner as interim chair Hockey Canada appoints Andrea Skinner as interim chair -

For what it is worth, Canada beat Sweden 4-3 in the lone exhibition game last night.

They open the tourny tomorrow against Latvia.

(Canada slips past Sweden in pre-world junior test Canada slips past Sweden in pre-world junior test -

...and @Grover, with her in place how long do you think the rest of the holdout's from the previous regime will last?

Not long I bet...

I would bet the on ice product will be as good as always. It's not the guys at the top that make it happen, they just get paid the big bucks and act like they know whats going on. The guys who really make things happen are in the back office, hard at work.

Props to the women's teams for using this as an opportunity to advance their agenda and bringing eyes to the fact they make up half our national teams with little representation. Good on them for their letter and breaking up the "old boys club".


A summary of today’s games and times. All available on TSN.

(World Juniors begin with triple-header on TSN World Junior Hockey Championship triple header -

A preview of Canada’s first game against Latvia tonight, including the expected lineup and scratches. Game time is 6 Eastern.

(Canada confident it can fill the void on defence Mark Masters: Canada confident it can fill the void on defence -

Didn’t have a chance to see the game but Canada had what appears to be a ho hum 5-2 victory over Latvia in their tournament opener. Bedard had a goal and an assist.

[Bedard shines, host Canada downs Latvia at World Juniors Connor Bedard Canada Latvia World Juniors -](Bedard shines, host Canada downs Latvia at World Juniors Connor Bedard Canada Latvia World Juniors -

all depends on his version of a "fix" is.

Is this the end of the WJC popularity in Canada?

I've been watching since the 80's, before it got real big here.
This year I almost could care less. Nothing to do with the sex scandal. More to do with the earlier cancelation, roster shuffles, summer etc.
I mean it's football time now! I have about the same excitement for this U20 as I do for the U18 tourney.....speaking of which, isn't that also suppossed to be around now?

From the responses on this thread I think there is a general lack of interest. My guess is that the time of year and summer being in full swing as well as many other sports is the issue. The junior tourny usually commands a large audience in that Xmas to New Years window in the middle of winter and I wouldn’t be surprised if it does again in a few months time. Maybe interest will pick up as the tournament progresses and Canada plays more familiar rivals than Latvia.

Canada plays Slovakia at 6 Eastern time tonite, exactly 2 1/2 hours before the Bombers/ALS kicks off. The opportunity is there to watch both, although I will be unable to.

(Canada takes on Slovakia as World Juniors continue on TSN Canada Slovakia World Junior Championship preview -

Kinda just worked as hard as they needed to. Latvia did play well though. Not the whipping boys they used to be.

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