World Jr's to honour Riders

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To be worn in a pre-competition game and the GOLD medal game.

As a Riders fan, I like the thought. But as a Team Canada fan... NOT THE GOLD MEDAL GAME! It's hideous! Please wear Red. Ridiculous.


I wouldn't mind this for a pre-tournament game or even a round robin game.

Looks like a Hockey Canada cash grab to me. If the gold medal game was on St. Patrick's Day I would also be okay with it. But to honour the Riders??? For what? All of their Cups?

I love the Riders and their fans (next to us of course), but as the for the jerseys and the reason ...

I don't like it/them.

Can't be a hell of lot to do in that province if they have honour a football team maybe someone should open a Boston Pizza and give those people somewhere to go.

Green: Kermit the Frog, Al Gore & David Suzuki, American dollar bills, grass, watermelons, Riders

Not Green: Team Canada Hockey Jerseys

It's not easy being green.