World Hockey Championship 2017

Still a little bit disturbed about how Pee Wee Herman (Bettman) played things out in order to prevent NHL players from playing Olympic hockey.

Pee Wee is shrewd to the nth degree so whether its a negotiating tactic or not I do not know. With Bettman always bet on negotiating immo . . . .

I've always said the NHL is comprised of 3 parts.

  1. TRAINING CAMP - basically the slap-happy pre-season games featuring hobos and rookies trying to show their stuff in a no-checking, no hard-hitting environment

  2. EXHIBITION SEASON - the long & tedious regular season with so many meaningless games, nights off by players and coaches, putrid performances that lack most of the vigor and attack of desperation playoff games.

  3. REGULAR SEASON - the 2 and a half month run of best of 7 series where players tend to wake up and play hard-nosed, grinding and sometimes brilliant hockey. Not enough great players on most teams to have this on for full 60 minutes but that said, most games contain decent tension and quality play. Goaltenders pick up their game, too!

So for PeeWee to allow a 2 week period during the hum-drum 82 game exhibition, that's NOT a big ask. The bigger ask is insuring Olympic NHL players against injury and breakdown. But its been done before. I'd even be OK with the NHL continuing a light schedule while the Olympics are on so they don't have to pack additional games pre or post Olympics. Let the teams run without their called up superstars for 2 or 3 games over a 12 to 15 day run. Whats wrong with that?

Anyways, Olympic hockey at its highest level is far better and entertaining than the NHL's tedious 82 game exhibition season - and if truth be told - prolly better than at least 1/2 the playoff games.

Good job Canada.
Unfortunate loss yes.

As for the shoot out, like it or not , that is the rule under IIHF tournaments.

Still Canada was the # 1 seed over all.

Canada did win the last 2 years in a row and it is hard to 3 peat.
Can't win them all.

Now, remember what needs to take place going over there.
Made up of players not in the play-offs or eliminated in the first round.
Not familiar with each other and a coach has to gel these guys into a new system in a short period of time.

I was hoping to see a Canada - USA final.
As this was the best team the USA has had , yet found a way to tank against Finland.