World Hockey Championship 2017

Go Canada Go! Should be a good one agains't the Swedes! I really prefer watching hockey played on the larger ice surface myself.

Canada outplayed in Period 1 but still tied 0-0. :thup:

Blue Jays won. Senators are going to lose. Canada losing to Sweden on a fluky goal. :frowning:

Not my day sports wise...

1-1, what a game! Oh, oh Swedes to the PP with 3:18 to go, not good…

Tied with a few minutes left. Sweden REALLY playing hard/like they want this more than Canada.

Going to OT, two very evenly matched squads. Time to grab another brewskie for OT. And ask the wife if she needs help preparing dinner, well sort of ask. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Sweden going on the Power Play. This will not end well. Oh well...

Even if this goes to a shootout, that does not favour Canada.

Uggg... HATE the shootout. :thdn:

So do I but hey, that's the rule and at the end of the day, you are the world champs for 2017 or you're not. Just like winning a golf tourney when the other guy misses a 2 footer. The way it is. You win whatever way.

Swedes win. Congrats to the new World Champs. But a great game, it's what the great game of hockey is about, not stupid fighting. Sportsnet/CBC (is it the same company sports wise? :smiley: ) needs to dump Don Cherry, he's a dinosaur that does no good for the game.

I could watch this hockey all the time. NHL, not so much all the time but from time to time.


We lost…

First, the World Juniors in a shootout.
Second, the Women’s Worlds in OT.
Now, the Men’s World Championship in a shootout.

Oh well… 2017 is not our year. :frowning:

Good hockey trivia with that info Kev. :thup:

But this is just great hockey to watch, a great sport.

It was an amazing(!) game… until the shootout.

Yup, the shootout does suck, can’t argue with that, at all. :thdn: It really takes away from a great game.

Sweden's D and goaltending were awesome. Our team was meh. I am happy with Silver.

Of course you realize our canucks were pretty much an NHL B-team. No Subban or Shea Webber on D, no Crosby, Tavares, etc. at forward and no Carey Price in net.

Lots of gamers like Schiefele but not enough freaky forces that can bust down opponents by sheer will and get goals when needed.

Pickard isn’t even an NHL starter, is he?

Lundquist is a monster in net - no wonder 3 Canadian shooters couldn’t put it by him in shoot-out.

Sort of a peak into what might happen if the NHL doesn’t release all their players to the next Olympics - actually Silver would be a real accomplishment if Sid, Shea, PK, Price, McDavid, etc. can’t go.

That being said Lyle, a world championship is exactly that, a world championship, just like a Grey Cup or amateur national champs for a country, you be proud of that even though the best combination of best players are not available. You never put down a national championship IMHO even if it's just junior B or whatever. Even a city championship trophy for whatever high school sport, you be proud and don't talk in negatives I would say.

Not to mention no Connor McDavid - 2nd best player in the NHL behind Sid.

It might not even have been a B team - it was a lesser team, with a lesser goalie, on the big ice, in a tournament Canadians care little about.

I did not lose any sleep over Silver.

They did very well, actually - without any real snipers so to speak!

The Americanos on the other hand . . . . . . . . building a wall! lol

The U.S. sent a very strong team and still finished 5th. I know they were very disappointed.