world football bowl

what do you think of a world bowl meaning the winner of the greycup plays the winner of the superbowl for a world football cup,and the way you do that is the team that has the best record, thats the rules you play and the country you play in...


thats a good idea, i wouldnt mind seeing that. they gotta have som prep time though so they can practice and get used to the opposing teams rules.

some problems would have to be worked out, NFL teams have more players on their rosters, The Grey cup champ could add allstar CFL players to make up the difference, Also the CFL season ends ,while the NFL is in mid season?, But it would be interesting, Grey cup champ by a rouge! :thup:

hahha.. by a rouge... could you imagine the US media's response if that actually happened?

u have to be kidding me! the NFL superbowl team would crush the CFL gray cup winning team. Not even close. That is why some of the best CFL players go to the NFL.

are u serious? ricky williams was apparently the 5th best back in the world, then comes here and cant et more then 15 yards a game? the reason some of the best CFL players TRY to go to the NFL is because of the money. and when they TRY they get cut, cuz its a different game. its more of a strength football league with the smaller field and the bigger players. CFL is more of a speed league with the smaller players and the larger field. its true we get all the NFL cast offs, but the reason their cast offs is because of their size. they’re super stars in college, but because their to short they get cut. Charles roberts was just as good as ricky williams in college. he put up monster numbers, but then u no, hes 5’6 so they cant take him. if the NFL played our rules, we could beat em. its not like their super dominant over us, we have the same skill set. were just a little smaller.

I have no interest in CFL against NFL. No point in risking pointless injuries!

As for CFL players getting cut I honest think there is a bit of a conspiracy(not a great word to use but)in the NFL against CFL players

I cant remember who it was but 2-3 years ago some played a few preseason games in the NFL. Three passed 3 complications and 3 TD's. Did he make the team? Nope did he make the practice roster? Nope.
He was flat out cut!!!!!!!

Think about some of the players who have been cut from the NFL and tell me they were given a fair shake!

You may be thinking about Dave Dickenson. The year he was with San Diego, there was Doug Flutie and Drew Breese.
The papers and media were reporting how Dave was the best QB in camp and yes had at least one brilliant pre season geme, but no because of politics and the Chargers just drafting Breese as number one, meant DD was cut.
As for a game between the winners, hands down we win playing our rules everytime out. Just like the NFL would do playing their boring rules.
That's exactly why the game would never happen, the No Funners have too much to loose and especially that rediculous World Champion moniker.

Good point but I was refering to a reciever

Ricky WAS a great back but came hear not what he was. Just cause Marino was one of the greatest if he came to the CFL now he wouldn't do anything. CFL got the washed up cracked up Ricky

Re favr4-wrote-Ricky WAS a great back but came hear not what he was. Just cause Marino was one of the greatest if he came to the CFL now he wouldn't do anything. CFL got the washed up cracked up Ricky
No no, Ricky is in his prime,(According to steeve simmons,article in june! ) he,s going back to the nfl cracked up!!

not thanks, different leagues, different codes, different games. Should remain that way.

Also number of regular season games are different so the "winner" to choose contry or rules is imbalanced.

No thanks

You have to realize that football is the ultimate team game. A player, no matter how good, will accomplish little without a supporting cast. The NFL has bigger, stronger players who are basically as fast as CFL players. The larger roster would compensate for the 20 second play clock. An NFL team would easily beat a CFL team, but when you consider the resources the NFL teams have, you get much more value with a CFL team.

Utter shock, epecailly if it was a rouge on a kickoff.

Who cares NFL sucks.

I would love to read the headlines in the states after winning the champ on a rouge though. Baha.

RO1313. I think Matt Domiguez may be the name of the receiver you are looking for. From what I remember he had a good preseason with New York but was then cut for size reasons.

Most are going to tear me apart after I say this but I gotta say it, cuz the image I have in my head is priceless

Just imagine the faces of the Americans my EPT rule when in effect at this game!

7 point TD (Americans: mouths drop wide open WTF!!!)
2 point Convert (They are going for it, and I have no idea wh...)
Sucessful, but worth 1 point (mouths drop wide open again! WTF!!! ok, we give! we don't want to play this game no more! we are going back to our country to play our own rules! that's it!)

No way! I don't want to see CFL teams play American football ever, in any shape or form!!

Looking at how poorly most NFL players perform in the CFL it is obvious any NFL team would be crushed by the CFL juggernaut...