World football 2021

Good time to be a fan.

Three Euro games on during the morning followed by 2 Copa games in afternoon.

Also both men and women Canada teams are playing qualifying games for world cup.

Then hopefully we will have Olympic soccer.

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Anybody here have any fav south america team you cheer for.

I have been a Brazil fan since the days of Pele. Don't like the fact that Neymar looks to pass Pele as Brazils highest scorer but he is good.

Argentina; Paraguay; and Colombia in that order.

Agree about Neymar. Talented player but as a person he comes across as a first class jerk.

I have been enjoying these games.

Sure they are quick to go to ground
and they sure do like to roll around
but when they decide to play
it sure does make my day

Beside Brazil, I cheer for Columbia and Uruguay and Ecuador

I have cheered for Argentina in the past but Messi bugs me and I didnt like how their goalie kept holding onto the ball so long when they were winning. So much so that after getting a number of warnings from the ref, he finally got a yellow card. Some might say that is part of the game. I say bad sportsmanship.

in Fri Qfinals, I was hoping for Paraquay to beat Peru, but they didnt. Had to be out during the aftnoon so didnt get to see what sounds like a good game.

At least Brazil beat Chili and thats what matters most.

For todays games, cant decide between Uruguay and Columbia but I want Ecuador to beat Argentina even though it be a bit of a longshot

Looking forward to tonights game between Columbia and Argentina. Be cheering for Columbia.

Well I'd cheer for Argentina to defeat Colombia.

works for me :slight_smile:

As long as who ever wins loses to Brazil

a game is a game is a game

I be cheering for Columbia to beat Peru tomorrow.

well, Columbia won third and Brazil won the Gold. Works for me.

In other news, Canada has now won 2 games with scores of 4-1 each in the Gold Cup. Next game will be Sunday against USA,and this one will be televised on fox.

well, onto the quarter finals in Gold cup.

Canada plays Costa Rica. Go Canada, of course

USA plays Jamaica. Go Jamaica

Mexico plays Honduras. Go Mexico

Qatar plays El Salvador, Go ES