World Curling Championship and Scotties tournament of hearts 2024

anyone here watch or follow it at all?

I will watch some but it often gets boring.

I do have teams I am cheering for which is all teams from BC and Man.

Be nice to see J. Jones go out with 1 more Scotties win


I usually watch some, particularly later in the tournament. Fortunately Manitoba teams are usually competetive and Einarson has won four in a row. I can’t say I ever watch entire games glued to the TV but usually have it on in the background and try to catch the last couple of shots in an end and the last end or two of a close game. Anything before the last 4-6 shots of an end usually doesn’t interest me. Manitoba is the curling capital of the world so it gets heavy exposure here. I only played the game in junior high but have several friends that are curlers.


My sister is hooked on it!
She will be there for the entire time

Brewing controversy surrounding the last minute suspension of 4 time defending champion lead Briane Harris on the Kerry Einarson team. Curiously and ridiculously neither Curling Canada or anyone on the Einarson team is talking. Do they test for PED’s in curling? Not saying anything about something that will eventually come out is stupid and will lead to speculation such as whether PED’s are the reason. Someone has a lot of ‘splaining to do. Fire the PR team!


I am guessing it is something more personal.

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Must be very serious because both Curling Canada (a joke of an org.) and Einarson herself are mum on the subject.

btw - being mum on the subject makes it worse!

Harris (Meilleur prior) seemed like a compliant, pleasant individual with no priors or indication of bad behavior.

It couldn’t be a residency issue because Einarson is Team Canada.

If she was charged with a crime the record would be in court or police records.

The most reasonable guess is she was disqualified (aka ruled ineligible) due to onset of sudden illness/diagnosis or testing covid positive, or even banned drug test. If covid+ was the case - why the cover up?

Because it happened on the eve of event’s start - my best guess is that Harris must have done something, said something had a serious domestic issue that upon revelation made it impossible for her to continue curling.

Curling media ain’t like other media. Most of them like Resby Coutts, Joanne Courtney, Vic Rauter + Old Glenny Howard are brutally ignorant and uncurious.


Attendee panel closed

As far as the curling goes - all fingers point to Homan. At 32/33 she’s at the height of her curling powers and doesn’t miss much. ie. she’s a machine.

Einarson is 4-time defending champion and seems to heat up this time of year but she misses too many unexplainable shots, gets herself twisted up in strategy. Overall, maybe a slightly more powerful team than Homan (especially w/ Harris at lead) but the discrepancy between Homan and Einarson gives the edge to Team Homan.

McCarville and JJ Jones will fight to the death for a playoff spot (medal) but Jones is 49 and despite shooting her best percentages in years - she’s still can’t stand up to Rachel Homan. McCarville is a drudgy, morose campaigner but she wins games and now with Angry Andrea Kelly at 3rd, she might awaken from her coma.

Lawes and Kate Cameron - the other Manitoba-based teams will each be 1 game over or 1 game under .500 by tourney’s end. Not near enough horsepower to challenge Homan.

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worse than what?

If it is personal, we dont need to know, contrary to what many in the media believe

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Key word is IF. If its personal we don’t need to know.

But Curling Canada, the final authority in this matter pulled Harris’s card. How could it be a personal decision if the curling authority ruled her ineligible?

Just watching some of this tonight, crazy skill set, wicked, love it, wife and me just do a table top curling thing and we get into heated strategy and such with so many decisions, on a friggin table top set. I can’t imagine playing real curling at this high of a level with so many people in the stands and cameras zoned in knowing hundreds of thousands are watching you on TV, digital.

That being said, this is going to be very interesting about all of this personal etc. stuff. “Charged with a crime” as Lyle says? Wow, with all the “mum” here it could be that serious. Stay tuned as they say. But then, as Lyle mentions:
“The most reasonable guess is she was disqualified (aka ruled ineligible) due to onset of sudden illness/diagnosis or testing covid positive, or even banned drug test. If covid+ was the case - why the cover up?”

I am talking personal incident or situation regardless of her decision or not

Discretion is required here until more information is made available. As FYB mentions, if it’s personal, no one needs to know this, privacy is part of democracy IMHO.

“Curling Canada announced Friday afternoon that Team Einarson lead Briane Harris is ineligible to compete at this year’s Scotties in Calgary due to unspecified reasons.”

Of course we don’t need to know the details if it is personal and she has a right to privacy. If it was personal that would be all they would need to say and that’s it and no more room for speculation. What Lyle and I are saying is that it’s foolish to say nothing at all and invite the inevitable speculation.

I highly doubt the reason is personal or that would have been conveyed. Also doubtful there is a residency issue that they just discovered or that would have been conveyed. Being human, the first thing I thought of was an illegal substance issue.

Both sides have asked for the inevitable
speculation that the self imposed cone of silence will attract and have no basis to complain when others speculate. We all know how well the cone of silence works so why they wouldn’t try and get ahead of the issue is mind boggling. It won’t remain a secret forever.

Already 5 curlers and likely their families and some friends and several curling officials and many competitors and the same family/friends amount know as well as some media. It’s already in the hundreds I’m sure even if it isn’t officially public. It will get into the thousands. What are they thinking?



If it were a meagre front-ender from a bottom-feeding team with no chance of making playoffs then they could sell a cone of silence for a few days - or at least til the offending person’s team is eliminated.

Trouble is - Einarson is a four-time (4) defending Canadian champion and Harris has been her lead girl in all four. Curl Canada hoping against hope they can keep the cone (of silence alive for another 7 or 8 days (or until Einarson is toppled as Canadian champion.

Suspect the reason could be very embarrassing to both Harris and to Curl Canada. Also suspect thats all the media in Calgary is consumed by - the daily games are now secondary.

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My over/under on when some of all of the truth on Harris comes out = Tuesday, Feb. 20

or as soon as some ignorant nosy media type digs it up and lets it out no matter who it might hurt

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Interesting on eligibility:
"All four (4) members and any alternates must be bona fide residents within the geographic area of the Member Association they are intending to represent
Exception: Tournament of Hearts and Brier playdown entrants are allowed one free agent who does not meet residency requirements per five-player team " …

lets see.

After 3 games. my number 1 team, Jones, sits in first in their pool. Number 2 team, Lawes, not doing well, Number 3 and 4, BC teams, sit one tied for 3rd and the other in 3rd, Number 5 team, Einarson, tied for 3rd, and number 6 team, Camaron sits at 3rd.

Every one off to good start except for Lawes.

We should have a poll on this mysterious disqualification issue. Briane Harris was declared ineligible to compete at the Scotties because…

  • She’s changing genders and will soon identify as a male.
  • She WAS a male who secretly switched gender a while back.
  • In the last election she voted for Trudeau.
  • Her paperwork contained a misspelling of the word ‘Scotties’.
  • Her ‘condition’ (really bad hair maybe?) would garner too much attention.
  • This was the ONLY way she could drop out and get a full refund.
  • She said something disparaging about the Belgians.
  • Last summer’s appearance in a XXX curling video was the last straw.
  • She let it be known that she prefers to watch football over curling.
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Vote once, vote often curling fans who wanna know! :beaver:


Now the real competetion begins with seeding (non elimination) games taking place today. Amazingly all 4 Manitoba teams made it into the top 6 and are in the playoffs.

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