World Cup

Some Tiger-Cats players are getting excited for the World Cup, the Hamilton Spectator reports.

Ticats linebacker Agustin Barrenechea will be pulling for Argentina, the country where he was born.

"It's magic the way they can control the ball. But Argentina is in a tough group and doesn't have the depth of Brazil."

So who are you cheering for regarding the World Cup?

Go Holland Go !!!! :wink:

Go England and Italy Go!!

I don’t have really any soccer history but both parents origins are from these countries so these are who I will cheer for. If they meet in the final who will I cheer for? Has to be Italy, food is so important to me and we all know the English aren’t known for being the greatest of cooks in this world. So, Go Deep Fried Panzarotti Go!! (Man, wish Hamilton had a restaurant that served this)

No one. Could care less about soccer.

Shhh, I feel the same way in reality sobrien but you more than most should really respect the history and tradition of the game. Shame on you!

Those are the two team I picked for the final in our work pool!


I'm with Auggie. Go Argentina.

Go Croatia !!

I have a feeling this will be the year for them. If not, I'll be cheering on any team that faces Italy. Italy for me is like the Argo's so I'm hoping they get kicked out in the early round - that will make my day.

Have a great day...

Id rather watch paint dry then watch full grown men running around in silk shorts

Just to be different.....
Deutschland uber alles!!

The host nation sure has some beautiful stadia in which to play these games.

Interesting observation Wilf about the nice stadiums in Germany. Here with hockey so dominant, this seems to be where civic and private money goes, for hockey arenas. I'd much prefer though that much, much more of this money went towards football/soccer facilties here, I think we have drifted way too far in terms of giving the hockey arenas the dominance of funding.

To paraphrase another site member "I couldn't give a darn" about the World Cup. I respect the skill of the athletes, but it is, IMVHO, the most boring game on the planet to watch.

ps: Shouldn't this be in the "Football (Other Leagues)" forum?


Lighten up Sigpig and have some fun. :o

Shopping with women...turbulence...Friday meetings...hiccups...proctology exams...road construction...your daugher's first date...watching a soccer game...these are things that seem to last ... forever.

Are you saying you like proctology exams to last forever Ockham? Hey, no problem, to each their own as they say.


I tried that once, but got shouted down. Not the right football apparently. But I think Section31 connected this to the Ticats because of the Spec article on Barrenechea.

Don't really understand the knocks on soccer from other football fans. Our football evolved from that football (via rugby), and there are still similarities. But that's an argument for another thread.

Anyway, since Canada is out, I'm following Scotland -- Jason Scotland, of Trinidad & Tobago. The Tartan Army has, in a typically self-mocking way, adopted this player as Scotland's best hope for the prize. Beyond his name, he also plays for St Johnstone in the Scottish League. Apparently, his is one of the best selling shirts in Scotland right now. Iron your kilt, dig out the jimmy wig, and replace the scotch with rum. Should be a great month!

Germany all the way!

Admittedly, the World Cup is a presitgious event. If I just happen to be in a pub, tired of watching my grass grow, no wet paint to watch dry, stuck on the chicken and egg debate, and Ireland is in the final, then I'll trade three hours of my life in exchange for viewing the match.

“the match?” “the match?”
Get with it, man. There will be 30 days of matches, each one more exciting than the last.
Mind you, I could get along without watching Italy, (with apologies to my buddy, Espo)
And I’ll miss the enthusiastic crowds of Japanese and Koreans who spiced up the games four years ago.
As the kids used to say, “Chill, man”
Relax and enjoy the skill level that you’ll see. I’ll grant you it doesn’t have the continual action of CFL football, but for individual skill, it’s the tops.

End of the unpaid advertisement. It’s a personal choice. If you don’t like it, by all means, don’t watch. But, allow me to feel sorrow for what you’re missing. End of my story.