World Cup TV deal a disaster for FIFA

Is the World Cup coming to North America? if the '18 interest is any indication it will never come to North America.

TV deals are a disaster for FIFA and the partnerships both Canada and USA has for the broadcasters is at an all-time low.

With Italy out of the World Cup majority of the Canadian companies have bailed or have taken what is called a tied-low agreement deal which gives them an out for how much $$ they want to spend but they have to pay for multiple screenings.

What does this mean?

How is this bad for FIFA?

Well it's a disaster. Basically a $2 million deal for the World Cup is not a $2 million deal. What happens if lets say Coca-Cola pays $2 million to CTV/TSN only a portion of that is for the World Cup and Coca-Cola would get sponsorship coverage for Academy Awards, Grey Cup, Big Bang Theory regionally,etc

Canada has lost their partners for full time adversing partnership for the 2018 World Cup and are having to get special agreements from local affiliates to sell off their programming with new partners.

Welcome back. Was wondering when you'd be back with your made up TV numbers :).