World Cup trophy in Toronto

That's excellent for the soccer community around there to be able to see this. Now if Canada could just learn how to play the game a bit better and when they do get in the tournament, figure out how to score a goal, that might be a bit more exciting for everyone. :wink:

If the USA team can make 6 consecutive appearences in the world cup after being shut out for 40 years (1950-1990) then there's hope for Canada too. We won the Concacaaf Gold cup in 2000 and came in 3rd place in 2002, so it's even more possible than we realize. We just need few more professional teams for our youngsters to develop in and build a stronger pool of players, esp. depth. Fortunately, with Vancouver and Montreal in MLS soon and Edmonton in NASL things are falling into places nicely.

Edit: I forgot, Canada also made it to the semifinals of the Gold cup as recently as 2007.

For sure TFC, as soccer continues to gain in popularity as a spectator sport at a professional level in Canada, more and more kids will stay with the game longer, heck already lots are playing at a young age, and the coaching will surely get better. It would be great one day for Canada to not only make the tournament again but put in a respectable showing. Ok, in my lifetime I don't think I'll ever see Canada win it but I really hope next time around Canada qualifies. It's just very difficult with so many countries playing the game at a high level. Tough.