World Cup Stage Two/2nd Round Picks

Here goes with my winners and a WAG at the scores. Have at it yourself for the winners with the scores optional.

IMHO the quality of the slates of games looks like Sunday, Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday in that order.

Uruguay 2-0
USA 3-1

Argentina 1-1 Win In PK
Germany 1-0

Slovakia 1-1 Win In PK
Brazil 3-1

Japan 1-0
Spain 2-0

I hate picking beyond the current round, as in the rest of the tournament, due to the greater chance given to the weaker side for any given game when it comes down to penalty kicks.

This is particularly the case when one side not retaining possession well decides to bunker in late in the match with the score tied.

The penalty kicks are far more a mental than physical exercise for that matter as you probably know if you have practised them as well yourself.

I would have no idea how to score this round other than wins outright, but the fact that odds are very high at least one match will come down to penalty kicks such picks become little or nothing more than a matter of luck so I won't bother unless someone else has some other recommendations.

It's not like in the first round where one could take credit for picking a draw for any given game, for in fact a match ending in penalty kicks is a draw at the core that no one can figure out a better manner in which to decide such matches(i.e. make them take the kicks from anywhere on or behind the 18yd line instead!)

A separate post on any paper bets for these games for those of you into that as well will come much later tonight in the betting for fun thread, as the betting links are banned at work. :stuck_out_tongue:

beneficial to the casual looker who doesn't have this info in their heads is the actual list of who is playing and not just the winners:

(winners of their groups listed first)
Uruguay vs South Korea
United States vs Ghana
Germany vs England
Argentina vs Mexico
Netherlands vs Slovakia
Brazil vs Chile
Paraguay vs Japan
Spain vs Portugal

I'm going to take:
Uruguay 2-1
Ghana 1-0
Germany 2-0
Argentina 3-1
Netherlands 2-0
Brazil 2-0
Japan 2-1
Spain 3-2

I am just going to say, all first place teams win, except for spain.

S.Korea 2:1 Uruguay
USA 2:2 Ghana after regulation, US wins 3-2 in extra time
Germany 1:0 England (I'll admit I'm cheating here by going with the octopus' pick*)
Argentina 2:0 Mexico
Netherlands 2:1 Slovakia
Brazil 1:0 Chile
Paraguay 0:2 Japan
Spain 0:0 Portugal after regulation and extra time; Spain advances in PK's

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Billy Soup NAILS it for Uruguay 2 South Korea 1! FYB and I got it right too. TFC got the score right but backwards. :stuck_out_tongue: TFC you would have won betting the over on goals scored then.

Great game after the South Korean goal even in the pouring rain and awful pitch. As an amateur sure I have played on far worse, but man as pros that was unacceptable and put that on the pile of complaints for this World Cup.

It was a fair result considering that missed handball by South Korea in the goal area as well.

Hopefully for other teams no doubt watching there was a classic lesson in that game for them as evidenced by the antics of Uruguay playing very poorly by trying to merely kill the game and ending up empowering their opponent and then having to really work at it to make their way back and keep the new lead.

Killing the game off at this level maybe only works for Italy and even for them such defencive practise looks like history to me just like the 2010 Azzurri.

Do you think if it were not raining heavily that the excellent second goal by Uruguay on that fine strike to curl and loop the Jabulani would have also floated out and wide?

Maybe we ought desire more rain as fans provided the conditions of the other pitches are more suitable? :?

Damn, England has no chance, even if they beat Germany they get Argentina.

Only way they make some noise is if Rooney starts finding the net.

Billy Soup nails 2 for 2 for Saturday with one correct score to boot!

Honourable mention to TFC for getting the regulation score right but backwards in the Uruguay match and the prediction for a draw in regulation and extra time to follow right in the USA match though with the wrong score and winner.

Again TFC maybe you ought bet only on regulation draws and/or on over/under for total goals? :stuck_out_tongue:

FYB and me hit only our pick of Uruguay.

We'll see later after Stage Two how things stack up for the quarterfinals starting off with Uruguay and Ghana in a game that appears to be set for one tough matchup.

All the same I think Uruguay will come out as a slight favourite but they don't have the Fishman or the crowd on their side:

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lol Epic fail. Save me, Mr. Octopus!

Again TFC maybe you ought bet only on regulation draws and/or on over/under for total goals?
haha there's some food for thought...

Good going so far, btw, Billy.

We'll see later after Stage Two how things stack up for the quarterfinals starting off with Uruguay and Ghana in a game that appears to be set for one tough matchup.
I still can't believe either Uruguay or Ghana will be playing in the semi-final of the freaking world cup! I'd like to meet the stoner who picked one of these teams on a bracket-predictor contest before the tournament began. :lol: Crazy crazy world cup so far...

Everyone picked Germany and Argentina correctly. And Billy Soup nails Argentina 3-1 too though really it was 2-1! Where were you when we started talking World Cup wow!

Billy Soup has a perfect sheet plus TWO correct optional predictions for the scores to boot! Follow that man to Las Vegas? :o

FYB and me with one miss so far.

Amazingly the oddsmakers had Germany as the underdog too mind you, which tells me that an awful lot more English money was propping up England as I had thought and picked correctly. And for those familiar with the matter of 1966 that has been settled for good at last but now a new era of fuss has begun for the worst. :frowning: Yes I wrote worst not just worse considering already we have the matter of the deserved solid running wind-up kick in FIFA's cojones as payback for the ball. :stuck_out_tongue:

Argentina-Germany is sort of a final before the final and better be a classic lest the referees shut their eyes and try to screw it up for everyone again as in both games on Sunday for the worst day of officiating in World Cup history.

Tomorrow we'll see what the Dutch are really made of or not, as so far they have been far from impressive and a level under Germany and Argentina even with three wins in group play. I expect quite a physical match against Slovakia and let's pray the referees don't mess up key calls on fouls too.

6-0 so far.
Would have gotten the Netherlands score if not for the last play penalty.

Hopefully this luck will follow me to where it counts. Big Dave's VGCC.

Simply amazing! You could make a lot of money with soccer betting.

Billy Soup is the man with 6-0 and TWO correct scores, and FYB only one miss 5-1 so far.

TFC and I have two misses 4-2 but TFC hit one score today too.

My paper betting is going well as noted in the separate link, but I can't count on that for NFL and CFL betting karma but at least the skills are sharpened. :slight_smile:

One more day and onto some exciting quarterfinals preferably not ruined by officials.

The best official IMHO is none other than former police officer Howard Webb of England who refereed also the Brazil-Chile match today:

Remember Pierluigi Collina of Italy or Anders Frisk of Sweden amongst other great ones?

Webb does not take any bull from flopping players and those wasting time lying around, stop the action from meaningless fouls, or issue needless bookings.

2nd round is done and you might breathe a sigh of relief like me after those two mostly dull matches today Tuesday and a Sunday full of the worst day of officiating in the history of the game.

Billy Soup and FYB go a remarkable 7-1, with Billy Soup getting even two of the final scores correct. :thup:

Everyone nailed Brazil, Spain, Argentina, and Germany and the only team to win that had not won also its group, and the only true underdog at that, was Ghana.

I think we can consider Argentina versus Germany as "The Final Before The Final" perhaps with one team heavily or somewhat heavily favoured in each of the other match-ups.

Two needed days off for us as fans sure to whet our appetites I say.

actually, I said spain would not win, but as soon as I read that two starters for portugal were out with injuries, I wanted to change my pick.

actually, I said spain would not win, but as soon as I read that two starters for portugal were out with injuries, I wanted to change my pick.
Wait a minute! I messed up. Indeed you did choose Portugal below so you went 6-2 then. And as did not post your change here before the game sorry it does not count. :P :lol:

Billy Soup takes it with 7-1 plus nailing two scores! Amazing indeed! :thup: