World Cup of Hockey

So much for the players not caring ! U.S. vs CAN. is a feisty affair with way more intensity than a normal pre tourny game. The tone for the tourney has been set. Will be fun to watch , which nobody thought would be the case !

It's been a great tournament. every country has been playing pretty well up to their abilities or desire and Canada has been playing like Canada usually does, DOMINANT.

Canada takes the World Cup with a 2 - 1 Defensive battle. Back to Back champs dating from 2004.

Crosby MVP.

That trophy is hideous

This Canada team has been dominant. Enjoy this era ! Toews is 47-1-1 wearing the Maple Leaf !

Congrats to Canada, super. Not as exciting as the Olympics, that’s for sure. But this tournament just lacked something, maybe this or other articles zeroing in on this make sense. Something was missing for me, that’s for sure: :? The tournament is just forgettable for me, and I really do like hockey. Keep it a country thing next time, that would be better I think. This team Europe and North America concept, well, nope. :thdn:

Years from now when someone asks us about the World Cup, we’ll probably mention it was the first — and only — time that McDavid skated on a line with Auston Matthews in a meaningful game. But we might have forgotten that it was also when Canada played against a team consisting of eight different countries in the final. Team North America, which became the darlings of the tournament, added spice to the round robin portion of the World Cup. It was fast, talented and fun and would have made an interesting opponent had it received some luck and advanced to the final. [b]Team Europe, on the other hand, might have been more successful. But it was also kind of boring and forgettable.[/b]
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I’m going to remember this team winning a 3rd consecutive best on best championship…16-0 . If we would have lost this, you can bet they would have gotten ripped to shreds and ridiculed. The tourny needs a few fixes. I’d go with your standard 6 teams and go from there. The tourney will also have a lot more lure if the pro’s don’t go to the Olympics.

For sure kasps this tourney would have more firepower if the pros don't go to the Olympics and 6 on 6 as you mention. But I'd imagine the NHL makes the money regardless, packed houses and TV money signed up front. A no brainer for the NHL and NHLPA despite the real non "wow" factor for this tournament.

I told my buddy it looks like a tall Kleenex box. lol

Good tourney. I laughed at the U.S. going 0-3. I watched their game against the Czechs just to see if they’d go 0-3.

I like Team Europe. It’s a good idea considering the number of good Europeans. I’d like to see Team NA replaced. By who, don’t know yet.

Canada didn’t play well in the final series. I thought it might go to 3. Those goals in the last three minutes were insane.

We are the best in the world and people don't like it. Too bad.... The last two games were boring because the Canadian coached Team Europe played the centre-ice trap. Nothing kills hockey excitement better than 4 guys standing across centre ice waiting to break up the play and shoot it back in and then change up for the next 4 guys to stand there and wait.
This tourney shows just how good we are. We could have won with with a team of players who didn't make this team... Total domination until the trap was used.

Another incentive for Team Europe was the fact that most if not all of their players had never had the chance to play and win in an int'l tourney like this before. Their home countries are dismal against the best but when you put them together, they have a pretty good team. Countries like Nor. Aut. Den. Ger. Fra. etc. never had a chance to compete in the finals till now. Most of these guys can only remember being blown out by Can. Rus. or the States in the round robin. This was their chance and they took it. :thup:

The actual hockey was excellent from the parts I watched but for me the Olympics just had a lot more interest than this tournament. And I'm not even a huge Olympics watcher.

Check these images of the Rogers'/P.A.'s attempt to create hype around this event: