World Cup of Canadian Football

I came across this world cup of American football site taking place in Japan and I noticed that there are a lot of countries that have leagues and play Football. It's not huge but they said that the German Bowl gets 17000-20000 people coming out to it's league final. This is apart from NFL Europa.

Anyway, I got thinking that a Canada Cup (the old pro hockey world championships featuring pro players) type of tournament for Canadian football would be pretty incredible.

I know that the CFLPA and the CFL would have to get behind it, but an invitational tournament type of thing playing Canadian rules would be great for Canada.

Obviously the United States and then Canada would be the favourites but invite a couple of other countries who play American football, the transition can't be that difficult.

This might even be a great event to hold in the often named expansion cities. Quebec City, Halifax, London maybe even Moncton with their new stadium. Teams USA and Canada would all be CFL players so it would give these cities a great taste of the CFL.

Maybe it could even become a bigger event, you know national pride and all (I'm thinking the USA/Canada final). An existing CFL city could host it if it got big enough. Every four years type of thing, maybe another great revenue source for CFL teams who host it.

Just an idea, let me know all the many flaws in it.

The problem is that we have done next to nothing, other than a failed US expansion to export our game internationally in the same way as ice hockey.

The NFL has a limited albeit established presence internationally, especially in Japan, Mexico and most of all, Europe.

It would be difficult to distinguish Canadian football to those completely new to gridiron football when American football has been splashed over TV screens, movies and select sporting grounds internationally for decades.

Where in Canada, the CFL may not be in direct competition with the NFL because sports enthusiasts can distinguish between the two, internationally I don't really see how which ever Canadian football entity could even attempt to sell a stand-alone tournament. That point becomes even more clear considering how much room the sport still has to grow domestically.

I don't think we would be trying to export the game internationally. The World Cup would be an invitational tournament held domestically. Maybe four teams or something like that. The US players would all be from the CFL and same with the Canadian ones.

I don't think it would be that hard to convince two other countries who are already playing US rules football to put a team together for a couple of games.

I was amazed at how many countries were represented in the IFAF(international federbla bla of american bla). They had to go through qualifiers to narrow it down to six. I believe this is the first year that the US put a team together.

I really believe this could work.

I think it could work also. Gridiron football in whatever form needs more of world cup stage and Canada should be part of this.

I agree Earl, I think gridiron football is reaching a point where small international tournaments might be a possibility.

The suggestion was however to stage a world tournament of Canadian football. I just think that American football so so far ahead of Canadian football in terms of international exposure that staging a world championship of Canadian football isn't very feasible. Could you assemble a 40 man roster of Mexican or Japanese players in a Canadian football tournament?

I mean you could... but it wouldn't be teams of CFLers or CISers... it would be amateurs playing Canadian football for the very first time for everyone other than the American, Canadian and handful of international players that have CFL/CIS experience.

A 'world cup' of football? I am all for it. Will we see it in 3 downs? I doubt it.

Personally, I'd like to see any international tournament officiated according to NCAA rules since its played by literally 100s of institutions, offers an exciting format and the American field fits into any outdoor field sports venue.

Small international tournaments are already possible, that's what the link was in my original post. It already exists.

What I am suggesting is to take those same teams and invite them to play in our tournament, here, using our rules. A small camp of a couple of weeks to learn the differences in the game. It is the World Cup of Canadian Football because it's our game and we have the right to call it that.

I don't think we could see a World Cup of Canadian Football. But I think if it was possible to have the provinces get together and field a team each and have a tournament that way it would be great. Maybe even have an American team too if possible. The tournament could take place in the spring to get us ready for the CFL season. Only bad thing would be injuries that will probably occur during the tournament to current CFLers. To get around this problem, it could maybe be for college students only. Don't know if it could work, but it would be a great precursor to the CFL season.

Not a bad idea to pursue.
I like it WCCF.
Real men play 3 downs only.

I like that idea, though I think it would have to be with amateur players. Which, unfortunately, would probably make it less popular. But with enough hype, it would probably be about as popular as something like those curling championships ...

Easy enough to have a Team BC, Team Alberta, Team Sask, Team Manitoba, Team Ontario, Team Quebec, and an Atlantic provinces Team. And it would be really neat to have a team of CFL prospects from some American colleges.

It would be a really neat Spring tournament, and since the players in it wouldn't start their own regular seasons until late summer, injuries wouldn't keep them out of action.