World Cup Game 3 Round One

Breaking it down here a day early because I am on travel this week …I won’t be choosing here because I won’t get to it after the final second games finish on Monday and before the third games of the first round start on Tuesday.

Otherwise for the last of the round two games Monday I have Chile and Switzerland predicted for a draw and think Spain will crush Honduras. No prediction on Portugal-North Korea as I won’t dare.

If you wish pick the 16 results for the games from Tuesday 22 June through Friday 25 June for each of the games.

You need not stick to your previous predictions of who will advance when picking just these games of course.

Ignore the odds stated in the link below for your picks here but of course use them if you wish:

[url=] ... Lines.aspx[/url]

Choose the winner for each of these sixteen games OR choose draw and name one or both teams.

It’s not necessary to name both teams.

All too often in the final phase of the first round I don’t care for the games in which teams who can play for draw participate, as they almost always start defencively and then only adjust based on the progress of the other match.

Advance With Merely A Draw

Ghana (not going to happen against Germany I say)

Long Shots: Out Already Or Must Win By Multiple Goals And Others Lose

South Africa

Note that all others somewhere in between are not listed below and must play to win or risk being out of the tournament.

For the long shots or those out, unless they are playing each other, most of these teams play the role of “spoiler” as is an honour unto itself for those prevailing teams.


If you wish pick the 16 results for the games from [b]Tuesday 22 June through Friday 25 June [/b] for each of the games.
MY picks:

June 22

  1. Mexico-Uruguay: Draw (both know draw is enough to advance and will play cautiously)
  2. France-South Africa: Draw (normally a win but with all the politics and turmoil surrounding the French coach and the team their heart probably won't be in it)
  3. Nigeria-South Korea: Draw
    4.Greece-Argentina: Argentina wins (by multiple goals)

June 23

  1. Slovenia-England: England wins a close one (to avoid any more trespassing by angry fans at least)
  2. USA-Algeria: US wins and tops group
  3. Ghana-Germany: Germany wins comfortably
  4. Australia-Serbia: Serbia wins

June 24

  1. Slovakia-Italy: Italy wins by 2 goals and dominate the match (they'll take the NZ game embarrassment out on the Slovaks)
  2. Paraguay-New Zealand: Paraguay wins (
  3. Denmark-Japan: Draw
  4. Cameroon-Netherlands: Netherlands wins

June 25

  1. Portugal-Brazil: Brazil wins a close one
  2. North Korea-Ivory Coast: Ivory Coast wins (another rout of the N. Koreans)
  3. Switzerland-Honduras: (leaving empty for few hours, until the 2:30 PM game is played)
  4. Chile-Spain:

The other two games...

  1. Switzerland-Honduras: Switzerland wins (not just a win but they will try to run up the score knowing that even 6 points might not be enough in a 3 way-tie that's likely to happen)
  2. Chile-Spain: Spain wins by just one goal in one of the most intense games you'll see in this tournament

With the 3-way tie I'm predicting, Chile will be the odd one out on goal differential (+1 vs. +2 for the Swiss and Spain).

dreamer :wink:

My record is 50% so far in this one. Where are your predictions, Paolo?

You watch. :wink: All 3 of these teams (Spain, Chile, Switzerland) can top the group and all 3 can be eliminated, even with a win. With the 3 way-tie very likely to happen these teams know it will come down to goal differential (simply winning won't be enough unless you're Chile). It will make for couple of intense, end to end, attacking games. I wouldn't miss the Spain-Chile game for anything in the world (will also stream the Swiss game on my laptop simulteniously).

I didn't pick for the third games because I was on travel most of Monday after the games finished so did not have enough time before today's action began.

For sake of some picks for the remaining 12 matches of the groups C through H here goes for the third games:

England Draw

Serbia Win
Germany Win

Paraguay Win
Italy Win

Denmark Draw
Netherlands Win

Ivory Coast Win
Brazil Draw

Switzerland Win
Spain Draw

Otherwise so far in the other contest I nailed Group A and got Argentina right to win Group B.

I just missed on Nigeria for Group B for second on goal differential, and after my father told me last week that South Korea looked good given what I saw against woeful Greece not marking them and after the beating by Argentina, I thought he was out of his mind. Now go figure dad got it right (again)! :o

More on those results on Friday night after those games are over for that post and we'll see how you did on this one TFC.

Then we'll move to a new thread for the elimination round of 16 aka the Sweet Sixteen. :slight_smile:

TFC so far you are rockin' with these picks no doubt. Through 12 matches out of the 16 so far, you have picked 6 correctly as is no small feat when you have to choose amongst either a winner or a draw.

Good tough calls on England and the Nigeria-South Korea DRAW especially.

By comparison out of the 8 games of the only 12 games I made picks on, I have picked correctly only 3 of those matches and none that you had not picked correctly as well.

One more day now with the best matches looming after an overall lackluster first round.

By my count only 7 out of the 44 of the 48 total first round matches so far featured overall exciting and mostly quality play, and I might post separately about those later.

TFC you finish with a quite respectable 8 out of 16, having picked 7 winning teams of those 8 total picks correctly, and if we had bonus points you would get those too for some of your goal and score predictions. :thup:

Heck in four years God willing we are both still here maybe we'll just have everyone pick the scores too, but that is a real tough endeavour. :slight_smile:

I finished with only 5 out of the 12 I picked with 4 of them correct wins. FIRST ROUND NOW HISTORY! :rockin:

TFC you finish with a quite respectable 8 out of 16, having picked 7 winning teams of those 8 total picks correctly, ....
lol That would never happen if I had money on the line. Guess I'm keeping the pet octopus for a while.