World Chess Championship : Magnus Carlsen vs Fabiano Caruana : Poll

World Chess Championship : Magnus Carlsen vs Fabiano Caruana

Starts Friday November 9th in London England.

Updates here…

Info :

Magnus is rated #1 and has a FIDE rating of 2835
Fabi is rated # 2 and has a FIDE rating of 2832

Magnus is not playing well. He has been mistake prone and not crushing like he has in previous years.

Fabi is having the best chess year of his life. He has been GREAT in 2018.

Magnus has a 2 to 1 win/loss ratio versus Fabi and is the better overall player.

Openings : Advantage Fabi
Middle Game : Even
End Game : Advantage Magnus

Time Trouble : BIG Advantage Magnus

If the 12 game series can’t produce a winner, they will play 4 blitz games to determine a Champion and Carlsen is by far the better blitz player.

Could be close with Carlsen happy to have 12 draws and Fabi needing a win (early).

Game 1 is less than 12 hours away - starts at 10 am EST. Can’t wait!

Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana played 4 times this year…

Carlsen won 1 and there were 3 draws.

Having said that, Carlsen missed a win in 2 of the draws - included the “Shhhh For Haters!!!” game in which Carlsen saw the win but misplayed the moves - the game finished in a draw.

I don’t like Fabi - he played for Italy for most of his life until the U.S. “bought him” and he became an American player. I hope Carlsen kicks his @ss.

Game 1 can be found here…

21 moves in and Fabi is in time trouble. He only has 12 minutes left on his clock.

If Fabi loses Game 1 as black, the series could be over QUICK.

Fabi has to make 18 moves in 9 minutes against the best player in the world.


My best friend, who is a BIG fan of Fabi, had to walk away - he can’t watch anymore.

16 moves needed for Fabi in 8 minutes. :o

Fabi is holding his own. Needs 13 moves in 7 minutes.

Fabi : 9 moves needed in 3 minutes. OUCH!

Fabi : 8 moves needed in 2.5 minutes.

Fabi : 7 moves needed in 1 minute. OUCH!!!

Fabi : 6 moves needed in 1 minute. INSANE!!! Could be over.

Time control adds 30 seconds per move so it is all over the map.

Fabi should be able to get his 40 moves in. Just needs to ensure he doesn’t blunder.

Well… Fabi got in his moves and now he has 47 minutes - after 40 moves time is added.

Magnus missed some winning moves and the game looks drawish.

So exciting!!!

I’ve been busy but now I’ve seen the last 5 or 6 moves I am 2nd guessing these guys. There was a move that white missed that would have got rid of black rook.

Hi Dan :

Just saw your post. Unfortunately, I am stepping out for the next couple hours. Will reply later - assuming I know the answer.

Anyway, game still going on. Magnus up a pawn but with each player having a rook, it should be a draw.

They must be exhausted on Day 1.

Magnus will be furious he let this one get away… AGAIN!

Fabi will be relieved to have the draw.

Not sure which move you mean, Dan.

Carlsen was black and dominated. It finished in a draw and he must hate himself.
That is the 3rd time in the last year when Carlsen had a win against Fabi, only to draw. Must be painful.

Today’s match was 7 hours long. WOW!

Having said that, if the rest of the games are this good, we are in for a treat.

Game 1 Analysis…

Game 2 here…

Magnus is currently (slightly) ahead. He’s behind on time, tho.