World Championship Hockey

2 empty net goals and it's 4-1 USA . Canada gets no medals in this years World Cup .

Lack of goal scoring pretty much all tournament for Canada.

Yup hockey is a world game for sure now. We don’t own it, nor should we be concerned about that fact. Makes the game more compelling in many ways. In fact most NHL teams best players are not necessarily Canadian

Absolutely. I think most Canadians know we don't "own" the game anymore and I also think many Canadians don't really care that much about Canadians "owning" the game. The Stanley Cup is regarded as the highest level of championship hockey in the world and the teams employ whoever they feel can win them the trophy, whatever a player's nationality is. I don't even think Cherry goes around saying, like he used to, such and such a team needs more Canadians to be able to be a consistent winner, I don't think so anyways. He's not that stupid.:wink: Is he?:wink:

Agreed. I think it’s much more compelling to be one of several nations/teams that have a shot. It used to seem that if Canada didn’t win, it was because we somehow made huge mistakes, and winning wasn’t that satisfying because that was the default position.

But now if we win it’s because we excelled and achieved something difficult, which is more satisfying, IMHO.

Good Lord, boys…

Let’s see…

We were the Gold Medal champion in Men’s Olympic hockey before they moved away from Best on Best.
We were the Gold Medal champion in Women’s hockey for 16 years.
We won the World Cup on hockey.
We are the World Junior champion.
In the last 4 years, we were in the Gold Medal game 3 times at the World Championship, and we won twice - where we don’t send our best players to play on the big ice.

Oh, and by the way…

In the last 8 Best on Best tournaments, we won 5.

In the last 10 Best on Best tournament, we won 7.

I think we’re doing just fine.

I Don’t think anyone is saying what you think they are saying Kev . Nobody is saying Canadian hockey is bad .

They are saying the world has changed and there is a more competitive hockey field which is good for the sport (except womens hockey there is a large gap after US and Canada ).

That’s fair.

I’m just saying, “Please don’t read too much into a 4th place finish, at a 2nd rate tournament, when most of our players don’t even want to be there.”


Sweden won in a shoot out. Yawn.

That’s sad for the Swiss .

First I don’t like shootouts and second it would have been nice for the underdog Swiss to get the gold .

I don’t like shootouts to end a championship anywhere anytime .


Regardless of how you want to describe the tournament as 2nd rate or whatever, guess what, who has won the World Hockey Championship? And yes, they are the IIHF World Champs, not whoever wins the Stanley Cup. And that is a fact. Sweeden are the winners simple fact.

So can I assume none of them swedes threw their medal a way this time ?..get used to losing cause most of those players playing for their home teams got taught by us over here. We pay their way and teach them how to play our style and then they beat us with their country’s flag waving and we wonder why. Gee, we are a nice bunch of idiots.

I sure hope you explain that point to much of the vast “small ice” crowd in North America as if dumping the puck is the only way to play and to win.

You want to own the game globally, you win on any ice folks.

Personally I prefer the bigger ice and miss the Olympic hockey tournament on it, but it was just fine also on the North American rinks with the NHL stars too until this last Olympics.

You want to own the game globally, you win on any ice folks
You got it Paolo and as well you win with whatever players you have to be able to say you own the game.

Kevin was just stating that he thought Canada would have won on a smaller ice surface. It’s his opinion and a valid one.

There is more to dumping the puck than just dumping the puck. Just dumping the puck is how the Cdn women lost recently. Also dumping it in is the best way to defeat the various boring traps that the Euro teams employ. The Swiss came up with a new way-the 5 man box

We lost and will continue to lose because we pay for and teach these players how to defeat us. We are helping them to beat us. That’s bad enough on it’s own but some clowns are happy about it too ! The world is laughing at us but we’re too worried about how we are globally perceived to see the truth right in front of us.

It once was our game. We are selling out to be ‘nice guys’. Sad

Re : "There is more to dumping the puck than just dumping the puck. Just dumping the puck is how the Cdn women lost recently. Also dumping it in is the best way to defeat the various boring traps that the Euro teams employ. The Swiss came up with a new way-the 5 man box"

Dan's correct. There is way more to it.

I stand by my original claim... Canada vs Swizerland on the small ice and Canada wins 9 times out of 10 in a big game. The talent gap is huge.

Canadians grow up on the small ice and often look lost on the big ice. Add the fact that the Canadian players go into the World Championships half hearted, and a loss is not unexpected.

Plus, on the big ice, the trap is deadly - far worse than on the small ice/

Re : “I prefer the bigger ice”

Paraphrasing Brian Burke : “If you prefer the big ice, you haven’t seen too many games on it.”

I agree with the salty Irishman.

I disagree Dan. I think it’s great that the Canadian influence and individuals have helped grow a game and sport world wide. A great unifier.
Much as I’m appreciative that Russia and other areas have helped develop Canada’s approach to the game.

In another sport, basketball, Europe influenced how North America plays the game. They taught us that everybody should learn to shoot, dribble and rebound. Now even the tallest kids are learning those skills, not just stand under the net to grab a rebound and get a lay-up. And there are countless numbers of Canadians playing in Europe playing professional ball.

IMO it’s not all about who " owns" the sport. I don’t think it enters the equation in the least. If another country wants to pay me to teach my skills I’m honored to oblige. We have to look no further than the Canadian teacher who accepts a job in Korea, Japan or anywhere how they feel about teaching in a foreign country. Or a doctor. Or veterinarian or a scientist. It’s generally reaps a very mutual benefit.