World Championship Hockey

Canada played Russia today in the Quarter Finals and won in Overtime.

It looked like we were going to play the Fins in the semis, but the Fins were upset by Switzerland.

So we will meet the Swiss in the Semis.

On the other side of the bracket, the U.S. plays Sweden. I hoping for a U.S. loss.

I don’t care who loses as long as Canada wins.

McDavid is a one man show. Easily the best there.

Despite almost no media coverage and despite Canada paying for and training a good chunk of the players over there, we are still doing quite well… Bob Hartley is the Latvian coach ??? I really don’t understand how he can coach against his own country. Some more of that Canajian mentality, I guess. “Aw gee willickers, as long as you think I’m a nice guy”… I don’t like it !

I remember about 20 years back when two countries said they were tired of losing tourneys and being relegated. They both decided they were going to play and learn Canadian style hockey. Those countries were Germany and Switzerland.

Saturday at 1pm. ET. Can- Swiss TSN

I’m glad that the Swiss won... I think Finland sent their diving team to represent them at this tournament...the refs bit a few times, but not often enough for the Finns

Well said.

The Swiss out-trapped the Fins. Looks good on them.

Canada better not take the Swiss lightly though or it'll be over for them.

If Canada falls behind by 1 goal, we will be in trouble.
If we fall behind by 2, it’s over.

The Swiss are trapping machines.

The WCH seems to always get lost in the sports shuffle . Canada for a few years now is a much better team .

If a Canadian team makes it this far in the NHL playoffs the coverage of this tourney suffers. Understandable from a money perspective. I’ve watched every game so far and first four games were not even mentioned on some media. The Jets are the show here.

U.S. lost 6-0 to Sweden.

Well… Canada made the mistake of falling behind by 2 and, as I said above, it was over. :frowning:

With the talent on the ice the Canadian’s should win .

Kinda like the way the world works now even if it’s at our expense like today .

Maybe the audience is the problem and we hero worship and bestow too much on a few lucky talented guys and forget it’s a game . Kinda why I love the Vegas Knights story it’s brilliant and kinda beautiful in cinderella way .

Loved when the NBA dream team got beat by nobody’s . Loved when soccer powers get beat by plumbers and carpenters or When Japan , Mexico or Cuba beat MLB guys and It’s why I love the CFL it’s just a game .

Still wanted Canada to beat the Swiss but holy cow the Swiss are beating us regularly now and that’s with very good NHL players .

It’s just kids games and anybody can play it .

The big ice plays a BIG part. The Canadians looked lost out there.

I would say that’s true in 72 . Now the guys are fitness freaks . The NHL guys don’t have a cigarette at intermission and train all year round. They don’t even hit anymore like they use to so the larger ice let’s the finesse come out .

The Canadians were the better team I just think the game like when the US beat the Russians in the 80 Olympics it’s a kid’s game and if you play to a certain level anybody can beat anybody any given Sunday .

Stole that last part couldn’t resist .

I disagree, my friend.

Hold the game on the small ice and Canada wins in a walk.

Once the Swiss scored the third goal in the third they played the box with five men. That and the fact that their goalie is pretty good stifled us almost completely. While this style may win you games, it is very boring hockey... We also had too many stupid penalties.

Congrats to the Swiss and I hope they win tomorrow. If they can beat us they can beat the swedes.... The USA imploded once again. Wicked slash changed the game.

Taped it and just watched it. They took it to Canada and Canada couldn’t respond, not good but hey, congrats to the Swiss, full credit to them for this surprising win.

Well in front of vocal Canadian fans yes their might be a huge edge on home ice or home like atmosphere but the ice surface with the talent level the CanadianNHL have they should win whether they play in my back yard the moon or Denmark .

The finesse game in hockey is now geared to the bigger ice surface .This hockey we watch now is nothing like hockey we grew up with . The grittier part of the game is at a far less level and the skating speed is at a much higher level .

The Swiss with a significant less talent pool beat a team that would be an par with teams playing for the Stanley Cup that is significant when you look at how some players on our NHL team played hockey all year round since they were probably 8 years old .

I give credit to them for beating the giant (us guys ) fair and square . Canada out shot them 45 to 17 .

Swiss only had one shot on goal in the third period .

The ice surface didn’t stop any of those 45 shots they fired on the net .

TBH, I don’t care about the World Championship. Would I like to see us win? Of course. But…

It is a crummy tournament, played every year, and I can’t remember the last time I took it seriously.

As for the game itself…

Our goaltending was awful. It has been ALL tournament

The Canadian team has far more talent than Switzerland and, on the small ice, I feel Canada would have won easily - no matter where it was played.

US and Canada all tied up at 1 . Started out slow and is starting to heat up .