I am getting ready, not really because I usually do not watch the Super Bore, to include the long nonsensical boring two week hype machine to take over. And of course, the famous announcement of the "World Champions". Of course, we who have common sense know this is so much bs that it is pouring out of the Americans over the border and from the TV sets.
OK to play their game, why not have our World Champions Esks play there loser or should I say boring winner in a grudge match. Winner take all and to include this title.
One game, with two sets of each rules per half.
Edmonton in a cake walk. Ya baby.

I don't like the world champion monicker either but in no way does Edmonton even come close to beating an NFL team, let alone the best NFL team. They have guys on their team that way 40 pounds more and can run faster then our guys. Do you think a guy like Jason Tucker can get open against a guy like Troy Polamalu. Do you think the Edmonton defence would be able to bring down Shaun ALexander or Jerome Bettis? There is absolutely no way. Doesn't matter which rules the NFL just has better athletes, that is why they make millions of dollars and our guys make thousands of dollars. And believe me if our guys were good enough to make the NFL 95% would be there.


only ture World champs are the World American Football Jurior Champs held before evey SB, which Canada has won twice. :wink:

Oh go away all of you. It's just a name and it's not that important.

Besides, they ARE the world champions. The NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB are the absolute top leagues of their sport in the entire world - the fact that all the games are played in North America is just a matter of consequence and money and not geography.

I can see your point about the NFL, but baseball, hockey, and basketball all have world championships and world cups where the winner of that should be crowned 'world champion'

Of all the makor leagues I believe the NFL has the STRONGEST claim to the moniker of WORLD CHAMPS. Very few can argue against the fact they are the bb WORLD'S best football players ... PERIOD ... they can call the Champions of the UNIVERSE and they would be close to the truth.

It is the other MAJOR LEAGUES that I think are the FRAUDULENT "World Champs" .... each of hockey, baseball, and basketball have their own World Championship Tournaments so really they (NBA, NHL, and MLB) are really just LEAGUE CHAMPS if you ask ME.


meanstreak and roughyfan are right. I was considering amending my post to only include the NFL, but I thought it'd make more impact with all those leagues in them.

The Americans and Canadians HAVE lost at hockey and basketball in top-flight international competition, but not at gridiron and baseball (yet).

this makes no sense...u dont think the NHL has the BEST hockey players in the world??.....MLB doesnt have the best baseball players in the WORLD?
NBA has the best basketball players in the how can the NFLs claim be any stronger than those leagues?

international tounaments determine world champs...not league championships.....league championships determine...LEAGUE CHAMPIONS.

If there can be only one fault filed for the titles of "World Champions", it could only be that the moniker is given in a sport played professionally in two countries. They still are World Champions, but that's like being a member of a Communist dictatorship and being excited at winning the People's Election. It is bound to happen. I'll invent my own sport and immediately declare myself the world champion, as there is no one to argue that.

hey drumming ... did you just answer your own question ? or was that a reply to a quote ? i am missing some context there ...

but you did make me think a little deeper about it .... yes, it is safe to assume that each of the major North American sporting leagues has 98 - 100 % of the world's best players, and as such, one COULD argue that a random collection of the world's very best can lay claim to WORLD CHAMP ...

however, I would ask you this question ... If this random collection of the world's best (let's say Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Pistons, and New York Yankees) were to play in their repective sports World Championship Tournament ....


Unlike the NFL Champ, who could DESTROY any team anytime ... I am not so certain of the other teams.

Thus my claim that each Champ is of the LEAGUE variety.


pistons arent the world champs anymore....u sleep in for a year?
san antonio spurs are the champs.

as for the rest of your post...i dont follow u....the NFL champs wouldnt beat any team anytime...or they woulda went undefeated for the season...but they didn't, so someone can beat them.

Until they have a real world championship in any sport we will never know.
They do have a world championship in little league baseball but even after they rig it the US still rarely wins

As much as I like to wave the Maple Leaf around as much as the next guy I sometimes wonder how people get into these debates. There is no way, and I mean NO WAY ,a CFL team can beat a NFL team. I wish they could but they can't.... Sorry to say.
If you wanted to have a true World Champion then we have to play a "World Cup" and and there is no way that a team from Canada would win, place second.. Yes, win.. No. Football is America's game that we are trying to catch up to, We have 26 universities producing players and the states have 4-500 schools. We couldn't find a quarterback but they could get 50...Anyway ,it is a pointless agruement, they are the true world champions and Canada is second - which I don't think is too bad.

Untill they play a world championship game we will never know.

If we we to play CFL rules it could happen. Just think we would march down field on all the off-side and delay of game penalities. And they would be going for it on third every time!!!!!

playing CFL rules, i really believe the eskimos would beat atleast 15 NFL teams.

It would be interesting at least!

NY Jets 4-12
Buffalo 5-11
Houston 2-14
tennessee 4-12
oakland 4-12
san fran 4-12
arizona 5-11
new orleans 3-13
green bay 4-12

those are teams edmonton would beat FUR SURE playing CFL rules on a CFL field…theres more they probably could beat.

I really don't think that any CFL team could beat any NFL team. I love CFL and believe it to be a superior game, but the NFL steals all the really great players. If they were to play 20 games, I am sure the CFL team would win once or twice, but not regularly. That being said, I also hate the world champion moniker they give themselves, however, they may have a point. No, the US does not win gold at the olympics in all the above mentioned sp[orts (baseball, basketball, etc), BUT the teams in the MLB, NBA, and NHL aren't all from US/Canada. They are the best players from around the globe (NFL excluded becasue as far as I know, they are all american or canadian because everyone else would rather play soccer than train american style football players). So why shouldn't the winner of these league championships be declared the world champions. They are from all over the globe. As far as the NFL goes, I don't think that any team from anywhere else would be able to compete so let them have it. It does still bug me though.

I dont believe we are saying we WOULD beat them
We are saying we COULD

RO your are right on man. Until we actually have a game between the CFL and NFL we can lay the same claim as being World Champions. I am open minded not to fall for the just because it is American it must be the best. No way in the world. Look what happened in basketball where the Europeans teams be it country or club , are the BEST. Same in baseball where the Japanese are beating the Major League Allstars on an annual basis. Golf, our Hockey teams etc. Plenty of examples. There is no doubt in my mind the Esks could beet the NFL champ. Prove to me otherwise.