Words of Westwood

I'm wondering if they'll let Troy into the park tonight.
What do you think?

I heard a Roomer They've Taken his Press pass for Bombers..

It was reported in the Winnipeg Sun this morning so it is not a "rumour".

thanks for the update
Good to know

Hey, check out the TSN website and click on the story on the right titled "War of Words" for more on the Westwood article.


As much as I have always found Westwood an obnoxious little %#% who was quick to instigate but quicker to hide, no team has the right to tell the local media who they can and can't assign to the games.

All CFL teams get tons of FREE publicity from their local papers, and really shouldn't withdraw credentials once a negative story is written.

When Berry was winning the east, he was great. Im sure the Bombers appreciated the stories then.

At 1-6, do they expect fireworks and a parade?