word on Armour and our other potential free agents?

so what is happening, are we in contract talks or what. I haven't heard anything, and we can't afford to lose Armour, as he made the linebackers a strength of the team, and there weren't many strengths. I really think if Reggie Hunt doesn't sign back in Sask we should look into signing him to make our LB's the best in the CFL.

All I can tell us there taking to Armour.
But there nothing new to Report.

and we can't afford to lose Armour
I disagree.

I'll be VERY unhappy if we don't manage to come to terms with Armour. Our LB corps was one of the few bright spots on this team. You don't let that go. We ABSOLUTELY can't afford to let him go and not just for his stats. He's a leader and we need leadership.

I agree, we need to keep him.

I'm sure we can find someone of equal talent, but Armour is a Tiger-Cat vet and a proven leader; something we were seriously lacking last year.

??? and if we lose him who do u want to go after. armour is a leader and an amazing player.

You all know we have until February to re-sign him right?? What's the rush? He can't go anywhere until then.

i just know i would sleep easier knowing we had Armour in the bag ready to go for next season. we need something to look forward to, and signing Armour back would definitely jump start that something.

Our GM has been sitting in his chair for a week. I don’t even think it’s molded to his butt yet.

Give Obie a bit of time.

Ah yes, the "Obieforme" chair! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


The 2008 Traditions Club Memorial gift has been leaked! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

eewwwwwwwww.... BAD one Russ....lol

Obie's priorities at this point are getting an OC and DC that can work successfully in the CFL.

After that, a balance of assistant coaches.

Once the Free Agents see who is on hand to help them with their careers, "negotiations" should get easier.

Coaches are going to decide which players are going to go on field for the team. They tell the GM which players are locking into their schemes (and who are not!) and what their wish list or Budget demand might be.

After that, the GM makes the hard calls, uses that vaccum cleaner attachment to suck the last $10 bill out of the Owner's pocket, and turns on the Marketing personnel to fill the Stadium with season ticket holders who might be prepared to shed a buck or three extra, if they could be assured of a few home wins...

(Sound familiar?)

Its a business!