Woooo new site!

Cool I’m the first Bomber fan. EVER.

how does it feel mortals, does it make you twinge with jealousy? Yes it does Muahahahaha

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All the best peeps!

Second :smiley:

What, you think your special or something for that? Come on.

Hey check out the playmaker article. the guy’s a complete moron. Argos “A”? What? How do they get that while the Riders get a C for the exact same effort. Sure the Argos are champs. . . but they fluked out with MTL and probably BC too. cough starting Dickenson cough

holy crap, a bomber fan and he says something intelligent. haha, sorry I am just in withdrawal from the last two days of nothing to do, with no site up. I agree completely. The riders got a C, and so did the Renegades. I am sorry but the Riders did a hell of a lot better then the rens. And Also HAmilton, I don’t remember them doing anything spectacular. Basically the only thing the Riders have not done was sign Burris, big yes but not huge enough to merit a C

confused by the new site? You are not alone. It’s going to take a little while to get used to the new format but it’ll come. Sure has alot more going on. :?:

I agree to tbone128. Te person who started this forum is really stupid to say that.