Bus Cook (Brett Favre's agent) has said that Brett should be traded to the Buccaneers in a matter of hours!!!!

this very good news to me because the bucs are my fav. team :slight_smile:

with one of the best Defences in the league and Brett favre at QB the bucs should be pretty dangerous this season.

SUPERBOWL!!!! :smiley:


So they're going to replace an old QB (Garcia) with an even older one (Favre)? Wow.

older yet better :slight_smile:

Older is almost always better…

Of course, it does depend which sport you’re talking about… and what you consider to be old.

Can the Eagles have Garcia back now? Please.

well the looks like he aint going to the bucs.

Favre has been traded to the NYJ.

Man, the Jets are the new Patriots this off-season. :lol:

Oh boy, what a saga. But good on the Pack for sticking to their guns on this fiasco. Favre told them he was retiring and they moved on and made other plans. Then they are supposed to scrap all of that because Brett wants one more chance? Brett, you've won the SB and have more money than the average joe could ever dream of. Retire my friend and go out in class, which you aren't doing.