woohoo!..Winnipeg LOST!

4 reasons why I’m glad Winnipeg lost today,in no particular order!
1.Tom Canada
2.Doug Brown
3 Gm Brandon 'Taliban’Talman…whatever his name is
4.those ugly 3rd uniforms :lol:

I'm glad they lost too. Because it showed their weaknesses. And a weak East is good for Hamilton.
I predicted that Winn. and Sask. would lose, and I turned out right.
Sask is weak because they do not have a starting QB.

Here comes the All-Alberta Grey Cup!


Montreal will be in the Grey Cup

Book it.

I agree with Crash.

Edmonton doesn't have what it takes to beat Montreal in Montreal. I don't think either BC or Calgary do either.

Never underestimate Ricky Ray...Montreal are favourites but if they let Ray dink and dunk and Calvillo gets his post season jitters they have a shot. To beat Edmonton you have to take out the flats and game plan against Kelly Campbell.

It’s true Edmonton doesn’t have what it takes to beat Montreal .
With Calvillos quick Danny Mcmanus release of late thats the only way you can beat them …take away Calvillo,then you’ve got the Esks in the cup.

I'd Like See Calgary and Montreal
I hope I see a Calgary win in the grey Cup..
I love see X's Ticats on Stamps get there Grey Cup

its going to be an Edmonton - Calgary Grey Cup
i think Montreal will choke next week and BC wont even have a chance.

If it is an all Alberta Grey Cup, I think that will be as bad for the league as it was when Baltimore won it.

I'm hoping for Montreal and Calgary to be in the Cup. It would be great for the Als fans to see their team in the GC at home.... winning it would be great.

Is the East final going to be in the Big "O"?

yes it is.

Then as soon as they win, Callvio will announce his retirement.

I think Hamilton will win the Grey Cup...

My other predictions for the upcoming year...

Michael Dukakis will beat George Bush in the U.S. Election
Ed Broadbent will beat Brian Mulroney and John Turner in the Canadian Election
'Rain Man' will win Best Picture at the Oscars
U2 will win 'Best new Artist' at the grammys
Cheers will go down the tubes after Shelley Long leaves
the Berlin Wall will come down
Ben Johnson will win his first of 5 Gold medals at the Olympics in Seoul

There you have it...
my radical predictions for this year... now let me get back to playing my Atari while listening to my Flock of Seagulls CD

Hey welcome to the off season. WHAT Uncle Milty retires again. :roll: (come on coax me to come back again).

I'm hoping for a BC-Edmonton Grey Cup.

I'm glad they lost too. Have a great off-season Charlton and Brown. :smiley:

Doug Brown - Uncle Milty - Zeke ( who ain't so sleak ) and rest of the Winterpeg Team - sucks to be you.