Woods released due to union activities?

He told you that? You know how much he makes?

His release made zero sense, the timing did not make sense and in the end Kavis looks bad because the players he brought in are nowhere near his level even when they were healthy.

And would you not be mad if you lost $75000 on the second day of TC at 5:30 am ?
I do not blame him one bit.

Technically he lost everything on the second day of TC at 5:30 AM


Wouldn't be the first time a sports league's owners have been vindictive over union activities. Just ask former Hab legend Doug Harvey.

Harvey was traded "due to his age" also :wink: a season after winning his sixth Norris trophy and shortly after being named team captain.

But once he got involved in forming the players union; all of a sudden he's too old and he needed to be traded.

The parallels are uncanny in the 2 cases.