Woods released due to union activities?

If that is true, then this organization has become a toxic environment and is in danger of folding again. What talented player will want to come and play in Montreal?! A good step in the right direction would be to fire Kavis Reed asap and make sure the door doesn't hit him on his way out.

This smells like shid! >:(

C'était une décision incompréhensible, et si ceci est vrai, c'est encore plus incompréhensible.

Je suis bien d'accord mon cher LeStaf. Reed a peut-être de bonnes qualités comme personne. Mais on dirait que son incompetence en tant que DG le porte à agir cavalièrement et souvent sous l'impulsion. N'oublions pas aussi qu'il est possiblementque la marionette du fils du proprio. Ceci dit, cette organisation doit se réveiller et ce au plus sacrant!

This part of Reed's reaction thus far got my attention:
"vous pensez qu’un capitaine d’équipe comme Bear, qui saignait bleu et rouge"

If he was such a good captain...who was bleeding Alouettes blood. Then...


Kavis is being really dishonest here.
He should just admit that he screwed up and quit already.

I don’t buy it

While I don’t doubt that Woods complained, I don’t believe that he was cut because of it

To me this is just the media stirring the pot

Could very well be. Still, the reasons to not continue with Reed as GM, either asap or at the end of the season, just keep piling up.

Now that I agree with

Where there is smoke there is fire. Probably some form of truth to it.
Get rid of any possible deterrent before it festers amongst the rest of the team.

Where there is smoke. there is the media trying to stir the pot

That I believe... not surprised at all.... I always figured that was why they turned their back on Flory after his playing career. These owners are now being exposed. Keep it up, let it all out guys.

I wonder if Bear understands how tough the laws are in Quebec to protect union members.
He may want to look into it.

Reed est un imbecile qui selon plusieurs sources a ses deux derniers emplois. Dit un chose pour les autres et fait l'inverse a chaque occasion. 'C'est un pas trustable qui est capable de te regarder dans le blanc des yeux et te dire n'importe quoi.

Ca prend tout un hurluberlu pour donner le ok a son DG d'echanger Ricky Ray dans la fleur de l'age. Et une fois que son boss est congedie, tient le discour inverse.

Comment peut il dire que c'etait une decision football si son HC dit le contraire. Soit qu'il est menteur, soit qu'il s'est ingerer dans les responsabilities de son Coach. C'est un ou l'autre.

He is probably happy where he is now.

which is why I think this is all media BS

Either it is BS or Kavis has no idea where he is employed.

A follow up to this story:


This story is believable. Woods' release, and the way it was done is abnormal. It is not purely a football decision as Reed has said. This really stinks.

If true, Reed will never admit it. If players knew he cut someone because they simply exercised their union rights, players would not want to play for him. He would look awfully bad.

When Woods was asked about his release he said he was told by Kavis it was because of age. His answer to Kavis was "I`m still young."

If he felt he was released for union activities he certainly would have brought it up. And why hasnt Bujold asked him if its true?

Plus Kavis certainly doesn`t come across as being a vindictive individual.

Fake news as far as I`m concerned.

Maybe Woods took the high road.

Bear Woods is mad,because he's earning at least $75,000 less in Toronto than he would have made in Montreal; and the cost of living is way higher in Toronto; furthermore, he's not the top defensive player in Toronto.

Let's see what happens when he becomes a free agent in 2018.