Woods on battle vs. Bombers: 'It’s like those heavyweight matchups'

There was a moment, there, late in the Western Semi-Final last Saturday, when Josh Woods looked over to his team’s sideline, smiled and stretched his arms out slightly. Turning his palms upward, he shrugged a little shrug.

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Tackling phenom Josh Woods will be tackling another top rated CFL running back this weekend and he’ll likely have great success - initially. But if the universe unfolds as it should he and his fellow tacklers will be tackling exhaustion by the time the 4th quarter rolls around here in Winnipeg.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have the number one “O-Line” in the Canadian Football League. :exclamation: The Lions will need to win the turnover battle and speciality teams to upset the hometown Bombers. :question:

The Bombers “D-Line” is also much better than the Lions. :joy: I hope Ben is back in the lineup for the Leos. :canada: :football: