anthony calvillo turned him into a auesome receiver.....i think he could be a sleeper pick in this draft...Ricky ray could definitely ressurect this guys career

But Edmonton has so many great recievers, he will probably get cut in training camp because they don't need him. Hopefully he will get picked up then by a team that could use him..... like the Riders. Although it is quite apparent the Riders don't want him as they passed up 2 shots at him. Oh well. We have a QB now at least.

Go Riders!!

Thing is he didnt do much after moving to Ottawa!

Once he is released from any team, I would think that any contract he had would become void. So someone could pick him up without the hefty price tag right??

he’s a bit of a head case too.

how so?

Well with a name like Woodcock, you would be a head case to..
Every where you go..the Ladies would ask you to prove it...lol
Actually I heard that to...may be he's just mis understood...

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Hank you are too much!

Holy crap.Edmonton you guys will be in the Grey Cup game for sure next year.
You guys have the greatest recievers in the west.Best Q.B. in the west.
It WILL be Edmonton and Toronto for the Grey Cup.

I doubt we'll keep woodcock around for long. We'll probably end up trading him or releasing him before the season starts.

Even without Woodcock.I would say the same thing!!!

woodduck helps out your ratio........dont expect anything more from the guy........

I've always liked this guy but he isn't that big at 5'9" which is fine, he is extremely fast, but to me, he appears to not have that crash bang about him, sort of wants to get easy td passes. And that is his downfall I believe, a bit too fancy, not enough grit.

When Woodcock was in Montreal, he had 2 or 3 ‘go to’ receivers in front of him. They would get covered, and he would catch the passes.

When he came to Ottawa, we just didn’t have the ‘go to’ receivers. Woodcock is not a number 1 receiver. He’s a good receiver, but not a number 1 receiver. That’s why he more or less bombed for us here in Ottawa.

Yo Murphy, who wasn’t drafted, and I’m guessing may retire, was our ‘go to’ receiver. (http://www.yomurphy.com/)
He could make catches under coverage and under pressure.
Also, last year, Armstead started playing receiver more (not just kr & pr), and he was developing nicely as a receiver.