I didn’t want to say anything before now…as I know many fans are high on Pat… but I think there is a reason why Woodcock doesn’t play for the Al’s or the Eskies anymore. I never really liked was too impressed when he was with the Renegages the year they folded either. He has a tendency for the “dropsies”. Obie I thinked you dropped the ball on signing this 32 year old receiver. Hopefully, Obie can bring in something better after the NFL cuts, or maybe start French next game.

He was fine until tonight.

Relax, he'll be fine.

He had nothing to do with the 6 turnovers and pourous defence.

Typical Hamilton, one game where a player goes under the radar, and we should sit him. He was our best receiver up until last night, and even last night no one played that great. He got robbed on that one ball he bobbled for a while that would have kept a third quarter drive alive, however some would say the game was already out of reach by then.

Are you kidding me... tonights game was just bad, Woodcock has been able to make plays for us every game, he'll be fine.

It's nice to see Woodcock and Bauman doing well this year. Pat is a good guy who has kicked around the league a bit and frankly I thought he was through.

The bad news however, is that the Cats will never win consistently without a big play receiver, eg. Simon, Stegall, Watkins, Rambo. As good as he is, Jesse can't run for 200 every game.

Woodcock, Bauman, Mitchell...all OK, but they need a gamebreaker.

The short pass to Woodcock for the first down was a bad pass that hit the ground in front of him. Last week Geroy Simon dropped more passes than Woodcock. Should they sit him? All the Stamps receivers dropped passes last night. None of them got benched either and went on to have great games.

I agree. The Cats have a bunch of ok receivers but no one who stands out. Maybe that helps to explain why they haven't score a passing TD yet. I know Suitor said you don't have to score TDs through the air if you have a strong running game but c'mon, this is the CFL. How can you win consistently if you can't pass for TDs. It's a passing league.

An Argo-Cat fan

he's awful.. I was pissed when we signed him.

He had 2 good games to start the season. Last night was a normal game for him.

He can't catch!

I think Pat Woodcock is better suited as an inside receiver.Tony Miles did a great job in Calgary.Both those guys should be closer to the Q.B.They know how to find the open spaces.I said before that our team needed to upgrade the WR position,and after having 10 WR's in camp,I don't know if we have.