Woodcock in for tomorrow and Rodney Williams out(article)

Pat’s good to go

Pat Woodcock’s right hamstring passed the litmus test of three consecutive practices this week, meaning he will play tomorrow night against the Calgary Stampeders at Commonwealth Stadium.
Eskimo head coach Danny Maciocia made the move official yesterday by activating Woodcock - a Canadian slotback - to the main roster and moving rookie Jean-Francois Romeo off.

As expected, Rodney Williams will not play, leaving Sean Fleming to punt and kick. But instead of making the import punter one of the four-members on the reserve squad on the 46-man roster, Maciocia has stashed Williams on the one-game injured list, which allows A.J. Gass on the roster.

But don’t expect Gass to see the field tomorrow. He’ll be on the four-man reserve list unless there is a last-minute injury.

Andre Sommersell will come onto the main roster in Williams’s spot and is scheduled to start at defensive end.

Wideout Richard Alston will come off the four-man reserve and switch with receiver Trevor Gaylor.

In the end, the four-man reserve will likely include Gaylor, Gass, Jonte Buhl and Jabari Issa.

QUIET WEEK: For the first time this year, Maciocia doesn’t need to jump to the defence of his offensive line.
After allowing Ricky Ray time to throw for 393 yards and helping Troy Davis to a healthy 6.3-yard rushing average last Saturday in Calgary, the O-line isn’t being ripped by critics.
“I was really impressed with our offensive line (last weekend),” said Maciocia.
"And to think that we are just going to get better is so encouraging because if I have a sensitive spot (on this team), this is the unit.
“These guys (were) picked on without even lining up…and I want to show them my support.”

FINISH LINES: For the first time in more than two weeks, DL Randy Spencer tested his recovering calf muscles in practice.

I think they should have gave Rodney Williams another week. Towards the ending of the game he was punting really well. A couple nice 50 yard kicks and he doing really good at placing the ball on his punts.

I'll be wearing my signed #16 Renegades jersey for the home opener in Hamilton as a show of solidarity with our Ottawa friends. I'll keep it on in hopes of a "Good Game" by Pat!

MY CFL includes OTTAWA :rockin: