Woodard Vs. Claridge

At their best, who would you rather have? Take your pick


Claridge (RIP).

Have to Agree Travis..

Only saw him play one game last year, against Edmonton, in which he totally dominated Montford, took him completely out of the game. So my vote’s with the late Travis Claridge. I don’t recall a more dominating performance by an offensive tackle, and I’ve been watching CFL games since the early 1960s.

Travis was the best/most dominating o-lineman in ticat history. He is a lock for the Wall and Hall of Fame

2 games does not make a legend - dead or alive

He was the best. Look at how many people the cats have tried to replace him with, Donnley, Cook, Randall, Smith, Powell, and that other american, scillo. That is six men trying to replace one. Travis dominated when he played. The team has honored him with a sticker and he, 57, RIP, would have been a hall of famer.

I would love it if Travis was still with us and there's no doubt in my mind he would help us out(I've made my feelings more than clear on that subject), but I'm THRILLED to have Woodard back with us. I'd rather deal with what is. Woodard is a great player and brings a level of intensity to the O-line that we've been lacking.

Welcome back Jonta, hope to have you here for a long time to come. RIP Travis, you'll never be forgotten.

RIP Travis, but even he would think it's obscene to start calling him best/most dominating lineman, and lock for the Wall and Hall of Fame after two games.

why not both ones a left tackle the other ones right :slight_smile:

:thup: :thup:

Such well said! We were in Almont on the past weekend! We were thinking of him!

The best case scenario for me would be to have BOTH! How things would have been different this year! :expressionless:

After the way he played in the 2 games I'd have to say the late Travis Claridge. He looked like he was on his way to becoming the next Carl Coulter as the best O-Linemen on the tigetcats. Although I am really happy to see Woodward back he's a real great O-linemen & Hell just look at he's profile picture it will scare the shit out of anyone! Welcome back Woodward.

I agree, he would probably think it a little much. I just miss his big heart ond friendly demonor off the field. He was the best leader the group had since Carl. He and Carl shared many of the same on the field qualities, tough smart good and leaders. RIP 57.

Truly no offense, but this is a sad thread. Who would you rather have; the guy that is back with the TiCats or the dead guy?
I really hope Woodard is not one of the players that read this forum.

woodard, he plays blind side OT.

how bout moving james cotton to OT?

great idea. lets move a guy who's specialty is getting fat guys behind him to get to a QB and put him in charge of not letting people behind him.

he might have potential as a run blocker, but tahts it.

are you the one that wanted to see cheatwood as a fullback too?

The "88" part of playmaker's name must be his IQ. He was the one applauding PaoPao's injury and in another thread, suggesting that Jason Goss went home to film a porno movie. A real "ass"et to the site!