Woodard should be kicked out of the league

Anyone who saw last nights game.Knows what I am talking about.
Woodard from the ti-cats thew a program at a fan when he was leaving the field.He could of hurt someone real bad.He should be kicked out of the league.
I just want to know.BIG DAVE i have nothing against you.However when B.L. threw the helmet,you were the first one on here saying he should be kicked out.Why didn't you do the same when Woodard threw something at a fan in the stands.Yeah it might have been only a program.However can you pick which weapon is all right to throw at fans?
If the fan spit on him.I say he should have went up there and kicked his a$$.
My opinion is not biased.Is yours BIG DAVE?

I thought it was a cup he threw back at a fan who threw it at him.....whatever it was is irrelevant. Actions such as that are totally uncalled for. I'll have jaw to floor if he plays again this season.

Holy crap.
We agree on something jm02.
They have to make tougher rules for the players,and fans!!
It goes both ways.
I'm not saying this because it was a ticat player.I have no beef with the ti-cats either.I should,but I don't.
It is just funny you never heard any comments from ticats after this act.

I Think It’s About Time That Whenever The Ti-Cats Are At The Dome, Or The Argos Are At Ivor Wynn The Stadium Should Erect A Tunnel To Protect The Players. And You Can’t Really Blame The Fans, It’s Good That Both Sides Are Getting Pumped Up For This Rivalry. Talbot Knows What It’s About, He Grew Up Hating The Ti-Cats And He’s Useally The First One To Get Kick Out.

That Being Said There’s A Few Players That Let Their Emotions Get The Best Of Them That Weren’t Really Penelized; Arland Bruce III, And T. Cody (I Tink) On The Same Play That Talbot Got Kicked Off. They Started It And I Think Both Should’ve Been Removed From The Game. Jonathen Brown For Getting In A Fight With Woodard. Woodard, Not For Hitting The Ref (Which He Did Get Kicked Out For) Or Throwing The Cup/Program At A Fan (The Guy Had It Coming) But For Getting In A Fight With Brown And Then Throwing Aroud Fletcher I Think It Was. He Really Only Got Charged With The Hit To The Ref And I Think He Should Have Been Expelled From The Game For The Fight With Brown And Should Be Suspended From Next Weeks Game Because Of The Hit To The Ref. Similar To That Cleveland Player A Few Years Ago Who Was Hit In The Eye With A Flag, He Was Fined, Suspended And Had Some Pretty Bad Eye Damage.

The whole thing is just getting, for lack of a better word, "hockeyish", and this bothers me. One of the things I like about football is that you usually don't get this sort of childish pretend tough guy fighting stuff like in hockey which is just for people who are pussy wips. Real true toughness comes in the form of solid hits during play, not a bunch of guys throwing their arms at each other or throwing stuff into the stands, no room for this in football, keep it in the hockey arena if they want it there, but not on the field.
I'm a Cat fan and he should be suspended for the year.

Holy, that is big punishment.Suspended for the rest of the season.
You ti-cats were looking for B.L.s head

Levingston through a Helmet saskargo. A helmet. I am not sure if you have ever held a helmet, but they are hard, and have a good weight to them. and it hit a kid. Regardless of getting spit on you don't do that. Brashir should have got more then just the 1 game. Woodard through a program or a bottle or a cup or something that probably wieghed about 1/50 of the helmet. It is also not a large hard object. Its a little different. Ya he should be suspended, becasue what he did was dispicable, but he left his helmet in his hand.
I personaly think Ivory should be suspended too. That punch showed him to be a real classy player, hey I know lets walk up to a guy, and punch him in the stomach, or lower.
Ivory and Woodard were both idiots, and should be taken out of the next game.

Fans can say what ever they want, they can attack the character, and personal lives of the players, talk about their families, and nothing is done to them. But when a player is standing up for himself and his family he gets fined. Yes, it was not the best way to go about it, but fans need to cheer and yell in the context of the game, not attacking his character. I thought that sucker punch in the endzone was worse than what Woodard did.

sask your little freind levingston threw a HELMET, you say nothing , and then woodard throws a cup, and you say he should get kicked out,

keep your biased crap out of here.

I watched last nights game, and I think that a punch to the groin can hurt someone a little more than a program. Wasn't it Ivory who punched the ti-cat in the groin? That is the second time that has happened that I know about this year. Spencer from the Riders got hit in the b@lls. If anyone gets kicked out of the league it should be that guy. You don't punch a player in the balls. Cuts and bruises heal, but not being able to have a kid!

Both situations were unacceptable, in my opinion. There should be no place for bush-league crap like that in a professional league.....and no tolerance, either.

Im not biased when it comes to ticats.
If you read my post.I asked why BigDave didn't post this.
I also said if the guy spit on him,that he should go kick the crap out of that fan.
If you read my post on Livinston.Not once did I say it was o>K. for him to throw the helmet.In that post I also said that no matter what team you cheer for,which includes my Argos.If you spit on a player you should get the crap kicked out of you.
So where am I biased?Please tell me.
RunNealonRun when you start yapping about me.Bring the right facts!!!
As for you billy.A knife weighs less than a helmet.Is it O.K. to throw knives at players.
Billy your such a Hypocrite to.
You tell everyone to ignore me.Then you go ahead and reply to my posts.
Make up your mind!!!

As for the low blow.Did I say it was O.K.
Billy we know all rider fans are class acts and never have been in trouble before.

The helmet is more dangerous than the program of the cup, but the gesture remains the same. If braindead players don’t put an end immediatly to that kind of behoviour, someon will eventually come up with the very bad idea to add a fence between the first rows and the field. Then, people will have to watch through it.

That is the point I'm trying to get at Turd.
Where do you draw the line?
I know it was paper cup.I know it wouldn't hurt anyone.Fans should not be able to throw at players.Same with players!!

Saskargo is right. There has been too many incidents this year where players are throwing punches and even objects into the stands. If I was Pinball (which i am quite aware i am not) I would have ripped into those guys for throwing punches and although I never saw the cup/program incident, is it sick and distasteful. It doesnt matter if they spit on you or call you a B**ch, these players are acting like the come straight out the ghetto, Talbot included. Act like professionals and quit embarrassing the league.

The CFL management is obligated to hand out punishments of the most severe kind for those who feel its alright to throw objects at the FANS!

You must class yourself as one of these people.
In a previous post you called moi a B&*ch.
Anyways that besides the point.
RunNealonRun you know I'm right.When a rider fan agrees with me.

It’s always the Argos involved in those incidents.

Agreed, #589. That being said, I also submit that fans who precipitate such confrontations also be subject to fines and/or expulsion. They do not escape their portion of the blame.

Yes,It seems like it is always Argos in the middle of things.
We know riders don't do anything wrong.
They just get charged selling dope.Assulting people.
This happens to every sports team Kman7.