Woodard Released from the Skins!

Jonta Woodard was released from the redskins today. Do you think he could come back to the cats?


Get him in here. Woodard, Hudson, Hage, Smith and Donnley. Wow the oline could be alive again.

Woodard and Donnley at tackles give us the toughness we have been missing since, 57.

Option year, so if he's not picked up by any other team...

Oh OK .,I see what you mean....no big deal to me.

Seems Jonta really misses Hamilton according to this clip from today's Spec article on his progress....how long would it take if he was to clear waivers in the NFL?...anyone know?

[i]"Fighting to get there has been gruelling. The two-a-day workouts have been a grind. The competition has been brutal. And having the coaches in his face sharply correcting his errors hasn't been a lot of fun.

It makes him think about Hamilton a lot. Every day, in fact. The CFL is just so much more fun. So much less stressful, too. He talks to Wayne Smith regularly, follows the Ticats' as much as he can, and listens to all the games on CHML over the Internet.

"It all comes down to the pay," he says. "If I didn't need it, I'd be there."[/i]

Ticat Brass hire him ASAP

I think a lot of guys miss the CFL, in the NFL you're really a piece of meat with all the bodies they have competing for jobs, here you're still a piece of meat but at least your wrapped in a nice package and cared for a tad bit more.

Yeah, like Joe Montford :lol:

Oh, for his sake I was really hoping he'd make it down there. I'd certainly welcome him back though.

COME BACK NOW :smiley::D:D:D We need him bad.

He has the emotion we have been lacking. Remember the game in TO last year. Yikes. Wouldn't want to see him that mad. :rockin:

he'll probably pick up a couple more TC offers and then HOPEFULLY (for us) he'll be back in black and gold... a little more cash in his pocket and a lot more intensity for our boys on the field.

He was a leader, along with 57, last year. Get him here yesterday. :?

will there be as much fan fare if Lumsden gets cut again, as there has been for Hill and Woodard??

I believe he's also facing a 1 or 2 game suspension if and when he returns )from the final game last season). It would be nice to see him back in the black and gold.

Don't get me started on suspensions (Ricky "Up In Smoke" Williams)...

he already served his suspsension didn't he?

I seem to recall it was a 2 game suspension and that he served 1 game.

He threw a old wiener at a Argo fan (I think it was a wiener) you sould get a medal for that...I think he did serve his time.