So when are JOnta Woodard and Khalill "the thrill" Hill getting here? They've been on the market less than a week and yet we've had no word yet about them? come on GM get out there and get those boys back here in the black and gold. :o :wink: :rockin:

They're probably waiting to see if anyone picks them up before they come back here. We have no control over that.

The way I understood the NFL / option year deal was like this. An NFL team could sign a player entering his CFL option year, but only if done before Feb 15. After Feb 15 it's too late. Then if the player fails to stick with that NFL team, his rights automatically revert back to the CFL team that still has him under contract. Is that true? How can they still shop around for another NFL team when it is past Feb 15?

He cannot sign with another team, but another NFL team can pick him up off waivers, if no one picks him up he has to report back here.

And...they have 72 hours to clear waivers.
Hill (I believe) becomes eligible today...Woodard not until Saturday.

Meaning, Hill could be dressed for Saturday (it can't be too hard to learn this offence).

so hill could be back today then? how come there hasnt bin a heading on this yet i remeber last year around this time when jesse was cut there were full story's on him coming back, nothing yet from our very own site thus far,, are we actualy getting them back or r we all jus hopefuls.

Yes Hill has Clear Wavers
Woodard will Tomorow .

It up to GM and Head Coach if They Want them after that

Great, Hill will probably be in tomorrow, which will give him plenty of time to learn Joe's 'complex' playbook.

I doubt he will see any pt on O, but he will probably be back on kick and punt returns.

if this is the case, RON YOU BETTER GET THESE GUYS HERE QUICK, if u dont u suck. hill's wicked, jonta is amazing! get em here man we could reaaaallly use there help

any word yet on these guys, hill should have bin here by now.

Based on the CFL transations on the main site, Woodard has been added to the roster then moved to the Suspended roster.

He still has 1 game to serve for the incident in Toronto, meaning he could be ready for the home game next week.

Tiger-Cats Transactions

ROSTER 17-Aug-06



NON-ACTIVE 17-Aug-06


We do not really want Hill to show up until after the game because he would not be able to play, having not practiced.
That would give the team a few days to work him in somewhere.

smart move, now jonta serves his 1 game suspention while jus sittin there on a list instead of watchen from the sidelines, then next game hes ready, good move, now hill should be here by saturday or sunday

He can return kicks, all he needs to know for that is get ball and run.

How come #69 Steve Sciullo is back on the practice roster with Jontas number. :?

because the online roster hasn't been updated?

There must be something up if they traded Cavil . Im betting Hill is on his way !!!!

mentioned on CH news tonight.... Hill will be here sometime next week.

The imminent return of Jonta Woodard and Kahlil Hill is the kind of positive news that Ticat fans need to receive right about now.

By the way, here is a bit of trivia. Although Jonta Woodard has been released by the Redskins, he is listed on the Redskins' roster in the Madden07 video game coming out on Aug 22/06. One of the fans on the redskins.com fan forum posted a link to the Redskins' Madden07 roster a few days ago. Unfortunately, Jesse Lumsden is not listed on the Redskins' roster on Madden07.