Woodard Benched !!

8) Minor shakeup on the OL for this game. Jonta Woodard has been benched (finally) !! Charles Thomas will replace him. I don't know if that is much of an improvement at all !!
It's amazing that it took this team over a year to finally admit that Woodard is just not getting the job done anymore !!

So OL will look like, Thomas, Cvaka, Hudson, Dyakowski and Hage.

Dyakowski had better step up his play also. He has been anything but stellar so far !! :roll:

Should have been benched last year and efforts made to replace him...tired of his missed assignments and holding calls

WEll, it's a start, but i'm not sure if Charles will be much better, hopefully Casey plays tomorrow.

Not sure how much help this is going to be when neither the coaches nor the receivers are capable of recognizing and adjusting to pressure off the edge. Woodard hasn't been great, but he and the entire O-line aren't being put in a position where they can excel.

This is a start - Woodard and Thomas are not talented enough to play in this leauge. You can not blame this on the O scheme. This is simple man on man blocking and picking up the blitz. Jeff Bleamer certainly does not understand the blocking scheme as well as coach Sal.

Ticats o-line gets overhaul

13 quarterback sacks in two games
lead to changes at tackle positions

August 06, 2008
Steve Milton
The Hamilton Spectator
(Aug 6, 2008)

I applaud Charlie and his coaching staff
for sending a message to proven veterans

Mc Kay-Loesser, Patrick, Thomas and now Woodard

by benching them when their performance isn't up to par.

And I applaud Nautyn who admitted his benching was justified

and now Charlie Thomas

"For his part, Thomas understands his benching last week.

"I had three solid games, then I was inconsistent
against Calgary and Edmonton, so they sat me down," he said.

...When you're 1-5, that's part of the business.

Making no changes at 1-5 is not
something that sits well

with the fans and the owner.

And they pay our salaries."