Woodard and Gordon?

From my observation Jonta Woodard was ready to play last night. He was getting beat continually by Stewart, also helped in wiping out some big plays with his holding calls.
As for Gordon, Montreal went right after him. Maybe they know something that we don’t. Regardless, his one on one play was totally exposed last night for it’s weakness. He was continually beat by Watkins. :cowboy:

Gordon was pathetic last night. he was getting SCHOOLED by kerry watkins. wait till next week when he has to cover Arland Bruce and Behtel Johnson

8) Woodard is just picking up where he finished off last year, ineffective play and penalty after penalty !!!

If they could not find a better import tackle than him, after having all winter to come up with someone, then something is drastically wrong !!!!!

The only thing Gordon got beat on was not turning his head. He was never leaving his man wide open.

That's a pretty important thing to get beat on.

looking at the tape he had good coverge on the first td and the second he fell down.

thats technique though, not coverage. that's very coachable.

he was five yards behind on one touchdown swimming on his stomach wasnt he? he got skinned on that one.

The way I saw it..1ST td..Watkins pushed Gordan enough to throw him off his jump.
Second td..he tripped over Watkins feet..it happens..
Woodard is awfull!!

Watch the second TD again.

Gordon was barely in the picture.
Slipping or falling did not matter.

Woodard had 1 holding call.

And 1 procedure as well as clearly giving up at least 1 sack