Won't be long until the defensive cordntrs blitz LULAY

Gridiron Guru,

Thanks for your many contributions. I hope you continue making them. Your comments about the coaching staff may have some merit but keep in mind that good coaching is only part of the equation for success. How do you coach Bell to play the man [Barnes] instead of hoping for an over-throw like what happened in the recent Argos/Lions game? Do you remember the opening play in the Western final against Calgary? That to me was blown coverage, not poor coaching. Someone on the Lions D blew it big time. When the Calgary player caught the ball he was so alone it looked like the rapture had taken place. The guy could have hopped, skipped, or even crawled into the end zone for the major. There wasn't a Lion near him.

Collaros burned the Lions big time in the most recent game. He was as slippery as a fish in barrel of rain water. I've no doubt Bighill can't wait to have another crack at him.

I don't think it was a coaching thing this last game. I think it was very poor execution by key players. Don't forget that the Lions knocked off the Argos a few weeks ago and the Argos had Kackert and Ray in the line-up.
That has to say something.

Lulay has been blitzed since the firs game he played for us, like any other QB in this league. What game are you watching?