Won't be long until the defensive cordntrs blitz LULAY

I think the league has figured out that LULAY is a game manager- He is definitely a below average passer with above average speed and athleticism.

If you pressure LULAY, he is very slow at going through his progressions, and holds onto the ball for a long time. Furthermore he is not a good deep ball thrower and cannot complete passes vs man to man coverage.

LULAY needs to step up his game, as he is becoming easy to gameplan for- The only thing protecting him is that half the league is terrible and there is washed up qbs like Burris and Calvillo and Buck Pierce floating around the CFl-

With the new young crop of QBS, Collaros, Mitchell, Willy, its clear that LULAY is not on the level of those guys - He just does not have the brains to make the reads and his release is way too slow.

Vs the BLITZ he gets rattled and does not try to run. He just stands in the pocket and tries to win the game from the pocket--

Lulay pretty much puts up all his stats vs weaker teams--- Wait until he plays SASKATCHEWAN, you will quickly see that LULAY cannot cut it as a passing QB-

Way to go LULAY, losing to a 3rd string QB making his first start? Unbelievable!

I guess LULAY will have to play EDMONTON or Winnipeg or Hamilton to pad his stats and then lose to all the good teams-

LULAY will not beat CALGARY, or SASKATCHEWAN this season- It will get ugly when they play the elite teams- I am telling you, this guy is finished- There are much better QBs in the states.

Dude it is just one loss, keep things in perspective. We still have a winning record and play the Bombers next week at home.

So Zach Colloros is for real; kinda reminds me of Doug Flutie, the way he can escape from pressure. Another rookie QB playing well, bad for us but good for the league. Let's hope we play better next week against the Bombers. This was a game where we couldn't convert on second down in the red zone. I give the Boatmen credit for each guy on offense taking up the slack with Ray and Kackert out of the lineup. Tonight we got beat by a better and hungrier team, that outplayed us on both sides of the ball, won the line of scrimmage and played more physical. Tip of the cap to the Toronto coaching staff for a great game plan and solid execution in all three phases by the Double Blue..

Marsh got lit up twice tonight near the goal line but made some other solid plays. Bighill got one out of four golden opportunities to put Collaros on his back on the blitz. The linebackers and DBs didn't stop the run as well as they needed to, perhaps letting down a bit with Kackert not playing. Coach Stubler's guys were outclassed by a rookie running back and a second year QB in his firs start. Back to the drawing board.

It is becoming clear that having Keron Williams lining up inside on the 4-3 schemes has negatively affected the team's sack totals: something it was supposed to increase. I hope Kirby Fabien's left knee isn't as bad as it looked. Dean Valli played well for Fabien and Harris had a decent night rushing but fumbled late in the game to snuff out a good drive. Lulay was forced to hold the ball too long snd throw deep because the Argos were jamming his receivers off the line and taking away the intermediate routes. A pretty effective strategy that kept us out of the end zone all game long.

I didn't like one of the Toronto cheap shots tonight, the hit to one Moore's lower back I think late in the fourth quarter. Wasn't that the same guy who put Gore out with a concussion last time we played these guys: Janzen Jackson. The Argos always play a really physical game, especially in Roger's Centre.

There was some improvement tonight on punt and kickoff returns, unfortunately most of it was spoiled by blockers taking penalty after penalty. Tonight was the best Tim Brown has looked this year..
Dooger in Surrey :thdn:

I think IANUZZI should get more action instead of SEAN GORE- Gore is the Samuel Giguerre of our team- He is really fast but is not a PLAYMAKER- How many games has GORE had where you say WOW he is really playing well- Its pretty clear that GORE was beating CIS Db's routinely, but now playing vs AMERICAN db's its clear he cannot get open that much-

Dooger and Beaglehound isnt it strange how GORE is supposed to be so fast but rarely if ever gets open DEEP? How is this possible? He is not a short possession receiver- Im wondering if him and AKEEM FOSTER are not really that great and are only looking half decent because they play on the Lions--

Ianuzzi has better hands than GORE and FOSTER and any other Canadian receiver we have- Ianuzzi is tough , can run routes and seems to be a PLAYMAKER--

KERON should move back to the END for sure- He was very effective last year because of KHLAIF MITCHELL and the pressure him and TAYLOR would generate up the middle forcing teams to double team MITCHELL- THen KERON had 1 on 1s and was able to speed rush the O lineman and generate sacks--

The achilles heel of the LIons is their PHYSICALITY-- In years past we would lose to both EDMONTON and SASK because they were more physical than we were- This year the Argos and RIDERS are both very physical-

My major concern with the team is this-- If we Dont generate tremendous pressure from our FRONT 4- the result will be what CALGARY did to us in the WEST FINAL last season and what COLLAROS did to us today- Our zone is laughable, no one is covering anyone- Look at BELL on the Td to CHILES, he didnt even know where the ball was going to end up-- LAROSE and MARSH looked like kids vs BARNES on the jump ball that was an EASY INT for the LIons--

Every other team is constantly BRINGING in new secondary GUYS- Argos have revamped their secondary last year and once again this year- RIDERS have a new secondary, STAMPS have added new guys in the past few years--

How long can KOREY BANKS, PHILIPS, MARSH, LAROSE be effective for? I think in terms of pure coverage skills they are the worst unit in the CFL easily- IT shows in the disparity vs the weak qbs vs the good QBS--

I also feel that the LIONS should be using another RUNNING Back- there are so many good import running backs to share the load with HARRIS-- Harris does not have the BREAKAWAY speed- How many runs over 20 yards has he had this year?
What did Harris do vs CALGARY and TORONTO?
I think we should look at a speedier back also for a change of pace-

I agree with your summation of the game, dooger.......it was not BC's best outing. I think they came into the game expecting a lot less than they got and were unable to change their game plan to regain momentum. They had good drives and owned time of possession but that didn't put the big points on the board. Yep, those penalties hurt - bad especially three - 15 yarders at one go. But it was only one game, and BC is never down for long - no need to panic. And the Argo win was great for the CFL - the East needed a boost.

Also keep in mind that coaching is huge in the CFL now with some real brilliant minds out there coaching--

Something to keep an eye on-- Watch BENEVIDES record vs HUFFNAGEL, DICKENSON and MILANOVICH, Chris JOnes and now CHAMBLIN, CORTEZ---

For me I am not sold on STUBLER and BENEVIDES-- I am not sure we have the intelligence to match these other teams in terms of creativity and scheming-

We need a new secondary- Wally has recruited good players but doesent seem capable of finding a SAFETY or any good DBs- not sure why?
We might have to line up Beaglehound and DOOGER in the secondary soon.

The Lions were outplayed, out muscled and outscored by a team that was firing on all cylinders minus some of its star players. I was blown away with the final results. With Ray and Kachert out and an unproven 4th string QB I was figuring on Toronto having a difficult time. Man was I wrong!

At no time were the Lions ever in the game. To me it looked like the Argos had the Lions on the ropes all night and once in a hole, the hole just got bigger and bigger. There are some games where it doesn't matter what a team does everything is going to go wrong. It seemed to me that that was what all was happening with the Lions. I've seen this in tennis. A top notch pro who makes brilliant shots routinely just cannot can on track. His serves are off. He is off balance, his racquets are breaking on him, his timing is off, call go in favour of his opponent. It just happens.

I'm hoping this is what happened last night, aka, the proverbial "off night". If a team minus its star QB, powerhouse running back and playing with an unproven QB in his 1st start can beat the Lions the way it did then either the Lions were way over confident and did not take the Argos seriously enough or the Lions will have to do a lot of soul searching.

This game to me was as bad as the Calgary game. As a Lions fan I found it boring. I would not have been so disappointed if the Lions lost but almost pulled it out but that wasn't the case. The Argos owned the Lions. And that is not a good feeling.

Accolades to Collaros for engineering an impressive win against a team that in my books ought to have come out ahead. Before the game the Lions were just behind SSK for fewest points scored against. That says something about the Lions' D. The Lions had also beaten the Argos a few weeks ago with Ray at the helm.

I cannot give the kind of analysis on any particular players' strength and weaknesses that some of you are able to. I've not studied it that closely but I do know that when the opposition is not playing full-strength and able to triple the opponent's score and hold the opposition to zero TDs the Lions coaching staff had better make some adjustments before the next game. It they don't then Winnipeg just might walk all over the Lions.

The thing about the Lions and this new regime of coaches is that they have a tendecy to be completely outcoached at times-

Vs CALGARY in the last 2 meetings- The West division final and game 1 this year, CALGARY has outcoached, outplayed, outschemed, outmuscled, outhit, outworked, out every thing---- Thats 2 games in a row--

Toronto just did the same thing to BC --

I am noticing that teams with aggressive defenses can beat the LIONS and also if our pass rush is not dominating our secondary will get exposed for what it is--

I follow the LIONS- They play LANE defense- They take away throwing lanes and play areas- None of these dbs maybe except for MARSH or this PARKS guy can stay anywhere near a receiver--
BELL, PHILLIPS, LAROSE and BANKS cannot cover CFL receivers-- If you watched Fred Stamps last year at the DOME, he would burn Banks or Philips so easily every pass play--

The reality I think is this-- Defensive coordinators make terrible CFL head coaches-- TIM BURKE? Kavis Reed? Greg Marshall was fired after 3 games. Benevides is no different- THese guys dont understand enough about the game of football-

The teams that are winning these days are the teams with the offensive minded head coaches-

I am telling you that CALGARY will come into the dome in week 8 and beat BC again because of the coaching mismatch--


There was one defensive play deep the LIons' end zone that cost the Lions big time. I hope Bell was reprimanded for trying to play the ball and go for the interception instead of playing the man. Man that was bad. It appears that he was anticipating an over throw. It didn't happen and the Lions paid the price. It simply should not have happened. There were two guys covering the receiver and Bell was one of them. I'm sure he'd like to get that one back.

Question. … why is this Ball kid starting ahead of Lin-J Shell who only plays on special teams and occasionally on defence ?

Not sure-- LJ SHELL sometimes comes in the nickel package, but BELL or SHELL, not much difference in their ability- ITs not like LJ SHELL is dominant--

Where did Anthony Reddick Go?

How is that different then Wally who played LINBACKER and punter his whole career? Would you say he didn't understand enough about the game? Give Benny some time Gridiron, I'm not disagreeing with what your saying, But didn't Benevides win 13 games and finished first last year for a guy who in your opinion doesn't understand the game ? Didn't this team had a slow start in the last two years under Wally? Didn't this team start at 1-6 at one time only to win the cup. But already this team is doomed after 5 games? How many years has Benevides worked under WALLY?
Look at how many times Wally took his team to the conference finals. Look how many times he had lost his share of the conference finals after taking his team to first place. Would you say he was out coached in many of those playoff games for a man who played his whole career on the defensive side of the ball?
Hey this team could finished third and have the final playoff spot as far as I'm concern Its how you finished at the end that counts.

There is something excellent points being made and, if you had a chance to read my post, it's just like the topic of my post reads "The Devil's Greatest Trick"...In other words, there really is NO problem here right now and the Lions are just having random "hiccups" in their season. Don't worry everyone...all will be fine and it will be just like 2011 when the Lions stormed back from a 1 and 10 start to win the Grey Cup. Hmmmm....

The aire and feeling that the astute fan gets about the Lions right now is that they're convinced they have the personnel, both coaches and players, to get the job done. With clever marketing and a previous, championship, division-winning track record, everyone in the organization is giving them the benefit of the doubt. Although wasn't it interesting that TSN showed a disgusted-looking Buono, during the latter parts of the 3rd quarter against Toronto, actually down on the BC sidelines...sadly watching helplessly...for now.

I've said lots and lots in my posts (apologies for my post's length but I'm trying to state the facts) so I don't want to go on too long here. But to summarize the disturbing and what should be for the Lions themselves, EMBARASSING, facts to-date. They've had two catastrophic games where the score was a moot point. BOTH in Calgary and in Toronto, they plain and simply took the night off and put a pedestrian effort in. Do you not agree that there is NO such thing as Casual Friday when you play a sport with only 18 games in its season. You can NOT have a night off...and now it's happened twice. Or has it? As I said in my other post, the Lions have been out-hustled and at times largely out-matched in the opening halves of ALL 5 games this season. Cornish running for 170 yards. Some no-name by the name of Steele last night going for more than 100 yards against the Lions in his first big professional game. 5 TDs by Toronto by a previously unheard of QB (Doesn't that remind you of Ricky Ray's first professional show back in the early 2000s against...yes the Lions where he lit them up for 400 plus yards in his first game). Inability to tackle...can someone please tell the Lions NOT to arm-tackle and not come in so fast when they're trying to tackle a receiver. How many "oh-lays" have we seen by the Bells and the Marshes of the Lions? An offense that seems to overuse Andrew Harris...and don't think for one moment that Winnipeg will be keying a lot of their defensive coverage on Harris. Coaches that can't seem to prepare a team properly and make adjustments on-the-fly and were content that, well we came back twice against Edmonton at half...it will happen again.

Perhaps its time, as people have suggested on this board, to note that there ARE multiple player AND coaching deficiencies on this team. Maybe its true that our DBs CAN'T cover or tackle anyone other than the run-of-the-mill players. Maybe our linebackers (Where have you gone Keron Williams??) and our linebacker schemes really DO suck and we WILL continue to see multiple 100 rushing games against the Lions again and again. Outside of Harris, have we become a "one-gun and some" offense where 70% of the offense goes to Harris and we hope to h*ll that Nick Moore or Manny Arcenaux can make miraculous long-bomb catches once in a while.

Maybe it's time the Devil or someone else to stand up, identify the truth about the Lions...Then fix things before it becomes too late and painfully apparent to opposing offensive and defensive coordinators what I've mentioned on this board...That includes the 1-4 Winnipegs of the world as well. {Hey, don't we play them this coming weekend ???}

Absolutely I agree, give him time--

My main concern is this--

When you have a hall of game coach like WALLY who was there for years and you replace him with an unproven coach in BENNY, what happens is this--

The first year after WALLY retires, the team does well, there is not too much off a dropoff as mostly the system stays the same-

ITs in the 2nd year after a HALL of fame coach retires that you start to see the team DECLINE bigtime- I am starting to notice that now with the Lions- They are not going to get any better and are actually starting to digress--
LULAY is stil throwing rookie ints, and many others are not playing well-
The defense secondary needed upgrades and wasnt--

You will see- Watch vs CALGARY and vs SASK in BC PLACE and you will see what I am taking about- BC will get outcoached in both of those games-

The most dissapointing thing about the LIONS and BENEVIDES was their LAZY ATTITUDE when they were beating TORONTO and EDMONTON at home-
The LIons were dominating and playing good on defense and then in the last 3 minutes they committed the ultimate SIN and allowed both TORONTO and EDMONTON to score late tds--
It was this I DONT CARE ATTITUDE< we are going to win anyway which will hurt the Lions--

Watch the ARGOS last night, they were blitzing LULAY and forcing turnovers in the 58th, and 59th minute and right up to the 60th minute of the game-

Benevides and STUBLER want no part of trying to stop the opposition when they are winning- Its becoming ridiculous- You guys get paid for 60 minutes- START PLAYING--

Im sick of watching the Lions rush 3 guys and drop everyone 40 yards deep and allow rookie QBS like CROMPTOM to come in an throw 4 passes for a TD? Or RICKY RAY go 15 for 15 in the last 3 minutes of the game for a meaningless TD--

Its about CLOSING AND FINISHING-- CHRIS JONES does it right- He beats you and tells you, NO FREE TDS ON OUR DEFENSE--

STUBLER and BENEVIDES seem to think its ok to give a CHARITY TD at the end of the game- Tired of watching RYAN PHILIPS running around trying to tackle rcvrs who in the last 3 minutes of the game are ALL OF A SUDDEN WIDE OPEN--

I for one will not attend a LIONS game in BC place unless they start playing 60 minutes- They just cant play that prevent DEFENSE and allow the other team to score-
BENEVIDES is the worst coach at playing for 60 minutes- ITs for this same MENTALITY that CALGARY kicked our ass in the west final- and they will do it again in week 8 becasuse of this lack of focus and CONSISTENCY on the team--

Allow the team to play like that, and it will carry on to a full game like it did last night in TORONTO--

Smarten up Benevides, play for 60 minutes, not 58 minutes.


I don't disagree with some of the points you're making, but you tend to overstate your points. You jump off the band wagon whenever the Leos lose. Nobody has ever had a perfect season. Get over it and try to find something positive to say, at least part of the time.

The real test of the Lions' 2013 season isn't week five. It's the last seven games, all played against western opponents. The team will either do well in that stretch, do kinds average, or do poorly. Whatever happens, its a game. No one will die because the Lions do poorly.

-Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

I quote Gridiron guru: "Won't be long until the coordinators blitz Lulay"

Dude,are you kidding me? They've been blitzing him since his first game here! Toronto dogged him whenever it was second and long, or when the Lions were in the red zone.

Open your eyes and engage your brain before you write something that ignorant in this forum.

Dooger :cowboy:

Due, Lulay has been blitzed since his first game in BC. Geez.

so lets see if I have this right, you hate Lulay, Harris, Gore, mmmmm lets say all the offence except, Ianuzzi, the entire secondary, except maybe Cord Parks, and I think Larose is doing far better than Muamba did last year bty, the entire coaching staff except you didn't diss Chapdelaine, who I think is the weakest link with his predictable boring white bread play calling, last year was the entire offensive line, Simon and Bruce which the Lions graciously accommodated you by getting rid of them, Skulsky and the front office, you won't go to a game because Harris said good riddance to Mitchell, I live on the Island and its very expensive to go see a live game but I would love to go more often to support the team. So how do you feel about the Felions and the hot dog dude? The way you talk praise about Calgary and Hufnagel, methinks at night you slip into your red and white pjs with the little horseys on them.

Well you mention about Benny is a unproven coach.. Who would you suggest to take over the position in a 8 team league, That understands the Canadian Football league? How do you think Wally ,Huffnagell,Dickenson,Milanovich,Jones,Chamblin,and Cortez got started. One time they were unproven, but somebody gave them a chance.
Five to six years ago Wally made a decision to cut Dickenson and some of the Vets. Why because we had a core group were most of the players on that roster were in their 30's. And at times they struggled with back to back 8-10. Did you complained that Wally got outcoached? You say we are in the decline or is it a youth movement. What did you expect from our receiving team to have Geroy and Bruce forever? And that is something that Lulay will keep working on if you allow them too. Just to point out Dickenson is still unproven until he excels as a head coach.