Wondering about Nate

Just wondering, if left a good situation in BC when Obie was there to sign with the Cats , so from first to worst. Now that Obie is here, he is benched. Do you think that is a coincedence

8) Nate who ??? Are you referring to Loescher ???

Yeah, if it is Nautyn McKay-Loescher you are referring to, I believe he came east because he got a good contract offer from the Ticats and he also wanted to be closer to his family/daughter.

But if someone knows more about the situation please correct me.

  • paul

ps. I think he is a better situational pass rusher than an every down defensive end.

8) Ok, if it is Loescher he is referring to, you are right, he came here as a free agent signing from the Lions. Apparently for a good sized contract.
 He was born in Toronto and as you stated, he wanted to play closer to home !!

He was not a starter in BC, as he is in Hamilton.

Also, keep in mind he's playing hurt right now.

For a minute there I thought he was referring to Nate Curry.

Me too.