Wonderin' Where the Lions Are......

You guys ain't winning sh!t! At least not against us. I wonder how you'll do in 100 degree temps....IN THE SHADE, my dear friends!! I got thousand bucks on the Cats tonight. Bring body bags.

please ti-cats.. please beat the lions, win or lose, your all a bunch of pussys! hahaha, oh god im funny.

lions will kill hamilton and they will be unbeatable :slight_smile: once again

I'd think again lions will roar tonight :lol:

Nah, I’ll just bring sacks with dollar signs on them. 8)

Come again?

Gee Buford, got a spare $1000.oo to give away?

Maybe you should use that $1000. to spend on some receivers that can hang onto the balls.

Looks like we did just fine in the 100 degree weather. Now pay up. :mrgreen:

So Buford my boy , who was the lucky winner of that 1000 big ones?

It's only money. I was right to think Hamilton could compete or win and almost did if not for dropped balls. Even my bookie was having a hard time accepting the money off me. I've made crazier bets. Just goes to show ya that anything can happen, assuming that would benefit the Cats but instead in a rich get richer cruel reversal of fate, it benefited the Lions. It had signs of encouragement. 2 Touchdowns called back hurt and Mcmanus' inability to convert drives into touchdowns and settling for field goals was almost expected from this bunch on the offensive side. We also were robbed of a touchdown earlier when we ripped the ball out of the guy's hand before he was down and we got an early whistle. I'd be more amenable to making future contributions to the Ref's Bifocal Fund.

EXCUSES, jeez, thats all that the stamp fans saturday said to me after their win thinkin that they have a chance against us, YOU KNOW WHAT??? stop blamin penalties, if they draw a flag, it was their fault, and their SCREW UP, they go off side. cant complete wut how many 8 or 9 passes. SAD very SAD, its like hockey if you cant skate pass or shoot GET OFF THE ICE. in football you cant catch, run or block. why are you on the field? the CFL refs can see fine. its the players on your team that needs to learn to run and catch a football, so for all you STAMP fans. stop thinkin that you can blame the refs for the future friday july 29th game vs the almighty lions. it aint the refs thats goin to lose the game for ya. its BURRIS and the recievers not hangin on to the ball, and the defense yall think you have.

For a minute I thought he was a Riders fan with all those excuses.

you cocky lions fans think your team is great, but they havent beaten any good teams yet, im not a big CFL FAN ( crappy football league). but wait til you play some good teams before letting 4-0 go to your heads.

hey mr NFL, stop jumpin on the stamps fanwagon, :stuck_out_tongue:, just cuz, we beat 4 teams, sure 2 games were iffy, but guess wut its called defense. the stamps won ONE big game BIG WOOP, your still goin to get killed labour day, the whole country knows that. and the lions MIGHT lose one or two games this season, nothin big. at least we didnt lose to the argos, ahh, brad paisley concert, i think even he heard me scream out STAMPS CANT EVEN BEAT THE ARGOS... sad very sad a WEAK team. o wait isnt that YOUR TEAM hotty cowboy... (it will be a loooong ass ride OUT thursday night. maybe i better burn ROAR :smiley:)

Actually the crappy football league is the league you support. The Canadian Football League is the best brand of football around, bar none. And no you are not a CFL fan because you don't have the required pedigree to appreciate the CFL.

I'm going for the Lions to take the Stamps this upcoming game. It'll be nice to see them play a western team. Of course, the Stampeders don't have a chance.

i like your way of thinkin everblue...