Wonderful day!

Isn't this just the awesome weather to kick argo butt in?...any weather would be nice to kick the crapola out of the argos but when you get a day like today, sun shining, hardly any clouds in the sky, it just makes things that much better! boy o boy, I LOVE BEING A TICAT FAN! GO CATS GO! GO CATS GO! GO CATS GO!

I appreciate your enthusiasm. However, I can't help but be nervous about tonight. I want Hamilton to win this sooo badly. We need to keep our momentum from last week going. If we have a stinker tonight then last week means nothing. Please, please, please show up tonight and beat those stupid Argos. The last thing we need is for the Argos to leave tonight feeling good about themselves and thinking that they are the better team. Man, I really want to win this game.


Whatever happened to mega-phone guy?

And why does my time-stamp say 7:18AM?

I posted this at 2:17PM!!!

He was calling out the cadence and was rightfully told to leave the mega-phone at home.

Says you posted at 2:17 here. :wink:

My flag is flying .

I washed my 1985 Ti-Cat jersey ,hanging out to dry :wink:

Great day to wash out the Argo ship...

I'll be one of the first one thousand ...I hope...

The CFL needs a good entertaining game...hope we give it to them.

Thanks for you post touchdowncats. It is one of the few posts that has ever sent chills down my spine. 101 minutes till game time