Wonder why Peguese lost his number ?

Wonder why Peguese lost his number ?
I hope this does NOT mean he is NOT pencilled in as our pass rushing DE.
He is really our only true Pash Rushing threwat on the Roster at this point

Seems alot of big IMPORT OFFENSIVE TACKLES were brought in …Simmons and Dile will be challenged .

Wondering hwo healthy Marcellus Bowman is and of course Jamal Johnson and Knowlton .

I hope MALLET is ready to go and back in top form .

The new reciever we signed from OLE MISS where Austn used to coach looks good $ 86 Shay Hodge.

It will be interesting to see if they bring any more Middle Linebacker Candidates and well hopefully they Bring in More DE’s . They will likley briong in a few more Import Recievers as well .

I expect a few Import DE’s, MLB’s and receivers to be signed .
I am excited to see who teh CATS will take first overall in the upcoming CFL DRAFT . I expect it to be the big MAC OLINEMAN but who knows . Also , I am hearing Fred Plesuis may be coming to camp this year and I also wonder about DB Stephen and Olineman Moe Petrus .

It will also be interesting to see the two Laval Defensive out there together as they dominted the CIS for a while . Fortin and Nadon - Gascon.
We might see some ex Argos ( Steinhauer influence ) and ex ESKS ( Tilmann ) or ex ALS ( Reinhold )

Our player numbers were updated today: http://www.ticats.ca/roster/index/team/6

Brandon Peguese didn't lose his number, he requested #0.

WOW HE requested "0" EH ...That's so AL OLIVER :slight_smile:

He sure will stand out in practice now

I love it when players wear 0. I love it even more when they wear 00.

If he wanted to be Jim Otto he could have chosen 00. :wink:

If you call the thread "Wonder why Peguese lost his number ?" can you try not to go into 10 other topics in the opening post. Most of what you listed already has a thread and if it doesn't just start a new one.

Typical gerbear post :lol:

Ya I know, if it was the first, second or even third time I probably wouldn't of said anything but it gets annoying seeing it over n over again.

Sorry guys ..point taken ...I will stick to the topic of the Post

It's not the getting off topic, we all do that from time to time :wink: , it's the position by position synopsis that becomes burdensome.