Wonder where the Lions are?

Anyone catch the game? did it feel like something was missing? In my opinion the drive, the heart the passion 2 win just wasn't there! Just like the western final they let Calgary manhandle the defense and shut down the offence! A slight spark and sneak preview of the kind of football this club is capable of came from the Buck bomb first to simon with the awsume catch then into the zone for a TD! The talent is there but the lack of enthusiasm is not. My belief is if everyone gave a full effort they would be unbeatable but it's a new year and a new season and basking in a 2006 win or a 14 win record last year does nothing for present season! come on guys! let's play football! anyone else notice a lack of passion?

something missing with team chemistry I beleive.

Boy, what happened - by the sound of things on the post game show, we didn't show up at all. I never miss a game but bought tickets months ago to a concert and was totally disappointed that I couldn't catch this one....seems like I didn't miss a thing though.

The season isn't long enough to play poorly and we're battling some tough opponents this year - hopefully this was a wake up call and the guys now realize what they have to do.

We lost it in the "Trenches"

Pierces numbers were good. Our Offensive line gave up Too many sacks.

On Defense our front four couldn't make tackles,let me re-phrase that, we tried "Arm Tackling" which never works. Burris and Reynolds got extra yardage when they should have been stopped.

I think all are valid reasons why we lost.Perhaps, Wally could have been a bit more involved?Watching the game,it just seemed that Hufnagel was motivating his players that much more.

They need a good fight to wake up.

I was pumped 4 another grey cup given the familiar talent but.......... watching the other teams this weekend Sask and Calgary are playin with way more intensity!!!!!!!!!!!! if BC plays like the last game ! hate 2 admit it but here comes another loss! and it hurts cuz i luv this team! wally please wake up no dought every one is playin at 35%

I love this team too and believe we are going to bounce back at home. Hope everyone will be at B.C Place as I am taking my family to the game and don't plan on going home disappointed. I want to see all us there! GO LIONS GO!

That game was disappointing , it seemed like the offense wasn't dominating on the line like it normally did. Rob Murphy was a bust , perhaps he needed training camp? The weird thing was watching Clermont getting hammered so often , usually guys just bounce off him , not this game though. And the D-line was pretty vanilla.

Lions got beat in all stats of the game. The thing I noticed most was lack of pressure from the D-Line and poor poor tackling. I would of liked to see more Joe Smith screen plays and short passing out to the flats, and a little more mobility out of the QBS. When your struggling to keep the pressure of your QB, you gotta start rolling him out of the pocket. Frustrated and optimistic. GO LIONS!

Exactly! That's how we got burned so many times. Linebackers must do a better job this Friday!