Wonder what the big "football" news is ?

Another monster at either nose or left DT. Great signing

Not to worry. There should be players in their mid to late 30s made available for MTL to sign any day now.

:lol: Not at all. I think its a great signing.

Boy, that’s some classy stuff right there. Even in the middle of discussing a great signing for your club, you find the time and energy to dump on a division rival. You must be an absolute joy to interact with in real life.

You'll probably discover being sanctimonius and whiney doesnt improve the climate either.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats ?@Ticats 11m
.@tedlaurent, wearing #97, taking part in his first practice after signing with the #Ticats yesterday.

First Butler, then Simoni, now Laurent...nice job Kent!!! Maybe it was the Ole Miss connection that sealed the deal?

You would think there would have been a furious bidding war over him!
HAM,EDM and MTL had offers in
I bet he got a real nice contract!

Nice pic of Ted Grover. All the fans that wanted to see more Defensive linemen in camp over the last few years must be joyous to see this years group. Nice job coach. :thup: :smiley:

Just watched Kent Austin's media scrum from today and he says he think that when at the top of his game Laurent is the best interior lineman in the game, which is quite the compliment from your new head coach. When I saw we signed him I thought it could turn out to be the best signing this offseason with all the talent along with the ratio freedom Laurent brings, glad to see Austin is just as high about Ted.

The faster this season approaches, barring an absolute Collaros meltdown followed by a LeFevour meltdown, I firmly believe the Cats are the class of the league rivaled by only the Stamps out West. This is going to be a very interesting year from B.C through to Ottawa. I hope the Cats can live up to all the hype because for first time in a long time I think Grey Cup Champs or bust is a realistic expectation ... although the QB position is a bit scary at the moment I must admit.

But the talent level on this team is unreal, Austin has been a wizard.

easy now, there's still that green team that did a whole lotta winning last year, and BC looks stronger with the added depth behind Lulay.

Ray is still in toronto and still "throwing pillows" Ottawa has enough guys that are gonna want to play spoiler and Montreal? well we've all been trying to count them out before training camp for the last 8 years.

Love what the team's done, think we're gonna be a force this year, but you still gotta play the games.

I understand it is a bold statement but it is one I will stand by. But I know sports are unpredictable and that is why we all love them so much, I could look like a massive plug come playoff time if the Cats aren’t even in them, but I firmly believe this Cats team is going to be the best we have seen in years.

Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa should all be good teams this year, but I think the cream will rise and Hamilton ends up something like 12-6 while the other teams battle it out at around 8-10, 9-9 type records.

I also think the Riders drop down a huge tier this year. They were just to goddamn good last season, their team was stacked. Replacing Sheets’ and Dressler’s production will be tough to do but I am not really expecting any doormats this season save maybe the Bombers. Riders will do some winning this year for sure.

This Cats team Canadian depth is ridiculous and the best teams seem to always have that flexibility because their non-import talent is so good. When I look around the league it is hard to deny that the Cats have the best roster heading into the season, I wouldn’t trade this roster for any other teams.

But you are correct, we still gotta play the games. Can’t wait to actually watch some games, been to long since our Grey Cup spanking.

I'll 2nd that motion 2EZ4 :smiley: :thup: :thup: :thup: If you look at the Cats recent history winning the Cup it goes in a cycle of roughly every 13 or 14 seasons between them(72,86,99)this is year 15 since our last one,so this is got to be the year!!!!
What Austin has done with this team in such a short time is remarkable and besides what better way to end a season with a brand new stadium then to end it with a Grey Cup victory.BTW the last two times the Cats won the cup,it was played at BC Place :slight_smile: 2013 East division Champions-Grey Cup Finalists....2014 East division Champions-Grey Cup Champions..book it :rockin: