Wonder what the big "football" news is ?

A quality player signing ......Ted Laurent maybe .......thoughts ?

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Defense now has insane ratio flexibility never mind sheer talent.

1st time I have been right in my life. :smiley: :smiley:

Still waiting for my 1st. I was obviously wrong, again, thinking today’s big football news was Chad Kackert’s retirement, or Geroy Simon’s expected retirement.

…MTL holding a box of chocolates and wilted flowers.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Unbelievable great news from the Cats. Laurent was on my wish list months ago when the free agency market opened up in Feb. :smiley: The Cats now have without a doubt the best and deepest Canadian talent in the entire league,with the potential to have 10 Cdn starters this season,3 over the league minimum of 7.The worst case scenario will most likely see them have at least 8 or 9 homegrown starters on the squad.

Potential Canadian Starters

WR:Andy Fantuz/Sam Giguere
OL:Greg Wojt/Tim O'Neill/Steve Myddelton
DL:Brian Bulcke/Ted Laurent
LB:Fred Plesius
DB:Courtney Stephen/Craig Butler

Mr. Pike you weren’t only right, you hit it out of the park. :lol:

Great signing

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/all-star-canadian-dt-ted-laurent-signs-with-tiger-cats]http://www.ticats.ca/article/all-star-c ... tiger-cats[/url]

[b]The Tiger-Cats have strengthened their defence with the signing of all-star Canadian defensive tackle Ted Laurent, the team announced this afternoon.

Laurent, a 6-1, 303-pound native of Montreal, Quebec, totaled 73 defensive tackles, 11 quarterback sacks and five tackles for a loss over three seasons with the Edmonton Eskimos after selected him in the 2011 CFL Supplemental Draft. He was named a West Division All-Star and the Eskimos' Most Outstanding Canadian in 2012 after racking up six quarterback sacks and 18 defensive tackles.

Last season, the 26-year-old made 36 defensive tackles, four quarterback sacks, three tackles for a loss and one forced fumble in 18 games.

During his collegiate career at Ole Miss, Laurent posted 57 tackles, 13 tackles for a loss and 3.5 quarterback sacks over 45 contests.[/b]


And makes Evan “I’m injured. I’m not really injured, wait, yes I am” Gill trade bait.

I just read it on Drew Edwards’ twitter feed.

Laurent is a beast. Love this move.

Ted Laurent AKA Teddy Bear. :cowboy:

Evan who? He’s already long forgotten. Maybe he will end up on the “All-Time Haunt Team” as a rookie.

Every positional player has to have a back-up.

What a ratio buster! We now have 2 starting Canadian defensive tackles, Bulcke and Laurent, with Hazime and Atkinson in reserve. LOVE THE SIGNING!

Pat Lynch(the very happy old guy in the east stands)

That’s the best part about this. If the 'Cats start more than 7 non-imports (which looks like the way they are heading) than an import can come in to back them up or rotate in whenever necessary.

Damn Straight! In the CFL you’re only as good as your best Canadians and I’d say we have some damn good Canadian talent (and depth). Even with Dyakowski on the 9 game IL that list is still impressive…

And load up the imports on the O-line - if the O-line is as bad as the rest of the CFL fan whiners say it will be.

Just gives Hfxtc more reason to dislike us / Bob /Ti-cat organization in general , even more …love it … :lol:

Huuuge get for you guys. Kudos. I'm devastated my Als couldn't land a hometown boy. :frowning: